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Last update on February 5 , 2016

- Festival Piksel Bergen 'Apo 33 reports. Notably about CNSA (Critical Network Streaming Action) .
- 2015, a contrated fall for digital art.
- A French film "best in show" at Siggraph Asia.

- Digital Art news on June 2015

- Living Art Foundations, a new book by Florent Aziosmanoff. .

- Art at Laval Virtual: the germs of a new generation?
- A presentation (in French) by Annick Bureaud in 2014: Bio Art - Bio Design. Quelle création artistique ?
- AR, VR and Art, an Historical Perspective. Our keynote at Laval Virtual (4/9/3015).
- Fresh twigs and deep roots for digital art at Art Paris 2015.
- Marie-Paul Cani answers to diccan's questions, about her College de France course opening.

2014 Posts

Season greetings: a kinetic Christmas tree, by Pierre Berger, Grégoire Baraton and Louise Baraton. See it on Youtube (A family cooperative work).
- My liflelong fights for a democratic digital woworlds. (in French)
- Face to Faces, by Inhye Lee, at Galerie Charlot.
- Avatar, by Myrvold, at Centre Pompidou.
- Fall in Paris. Report on Fall Paris art shows.
- Fall in Paris. Report (in French) by Véronique Godé.

I feel the Bit beating in my heart
No meaning but power.
I see the Cloud whirling high overhead
Calling us for an answer.
I share the Life, this growing spread.
The World we build together.


- An article of Dominique Moulon about the Today's Art Fesvival. (in French). Several new artists to be discovered.
- Pierre Hénon signals an article in Le Monde about street art.- Ars electronica 2014. Read the report Dominique Moulon. Very active festival. Not really digital, nor far from it - Fall in Paris: nearly too much. Galleries, fairs and public spaces invest more and more in digital art.
- From Viola to Perconte at Collège des Bernardins

- Siggraph breaks new ground : Hyperlapse (by Microsoft).
- Siggraph 2014 awards.
- Art Basel and Scope Basel : the French still leaders...

- A new shop window for Digital Art in Paris.
- Fred Forest at Moma.
- Le musée passager. Digital art in the cities.
- Robotic Art at Cité des Sciences (Paris, up to January 2015).

- Laval Virtual : Interactive art, from biology to psychology. A second look.
- Art Brussels is to open from 25 to 27 april. Imal will present a show and workshops by William Latham. But with little digitalal artists, constrasting wih the rich 2013 spring.
- Kawaguchi robots play Henkinson's music. Our point of view.
- Jacques Perconte at Galerie Charlot (April 16/June 7). Text revised on 4/17.
- Becoming seed, in Paris Jeu de Paume (opening on April 8).
- Media-mediums opens in Paris, up to May 31. Experimental art about communication. Music, virtual reality, biothech...

- Art Paris and PAD , our report.

- Bio-Fiction. "The international Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival series. It features short films on any aspect of synthetic biology, including documentary films, animation, (science) fiction etc. The first festival was held in Vienna, Austria, in 2011, when it received 130 short films from 26 countries, of which a jury selected 52 films, and awarding 5 films with major awards. The Second Bio-fiction Festival will take place from 23 - 25 October, 2014. The Venue will again be the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria. "

- Ecouter voir. Digital music and gesture/sound/image relations. by Puce-Muse; April 1-3 in St Merri church (Paris). Our opinion.
- Math'n Pop music in Lille-Tourcoing (for scientists) : Modèles formels et visualisations pour la musique : du classique à la pop. On tuesty April 15 at Imaginarium, SCV.
- Interaction and brain control at Roubaix (France).
- The importance of print for digital photography. Sasaki and Murayama in Berlin (Das Foto Image Factory).

- A brief contribution by Jean-Paul Margnac about digital art in photography.



Paris ACM Siggraph, the French chapter of ACM Siggraph, worldwide non-profit organization of computer graphics.