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Table of Contents

Part I - Art

o The Painting Fool: Stories from Building an Automated Painter [Simon Colton]
o Creative Ecosystems [Jon McCormack]
o Construction and Intuition: Creativity in Early Computer Art [Frieder Nake]
o Evaluation of Creative Aesthetics [Harold Cohen, Frieder Nake, David C. Brown, Paul Brown, Philip Galanter, Jon McCormack, Mark d’Inverno]

Part II - Music

o Musical Virtuosity and Creativity [François Pachet]
o Live Algorithms: Towards Autonomous Computer Improvisers [Tim Blackwell, Oliver Bown, Michael Young]
o The Extended Composer [Daniel Jones, Andrew R. Brown, Mark d’Inverno]
o Between Material and Ideas: A Process-Based Spatial Model of Artistic Creativity [Palle Dahlstedt]
o Computer Programming in the Creative Arts [Alex McLean, Geraint Wiggins]

Part III - Theory

o Computational Aesthetic Evaluation: Past and Future [Philip Galanter]
o Computing Aesthetics with Image Judgment Systems [Juan Romero, Penousal Machado, Adrian Carballal, João Correia]
o A Formal Theory of Creativity to Model the Creation of Art [Jürgen Schmidhuber]
o Creativity Refined: Bypassing the Gatekeepers of Appropriateness and Value [Alan Dorin, Kevin B. Korb]
o Generative and Adaptive Creativity: A Unified Approach to Creativity in Nature, Humans and Machines [Oliver Bown]
o Creating New Informational Primitives in Minds and Machines [Peter Cariani]

Part IV - Epilogue

o Computers and Creativity: The Road Ahead [Jon McCormack, Mark d’Inverno]

Edited by Jon McCormak and Mark d'Inverno,
442 p., Hardcover edition 2012,
Published by Springer.
ISBN 978-3-642-31726-2
Foreword by Margaret A. Boden.