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1. Basics

The digital universe exists in the "real", physical world. How is it anchored there ? How do they interact ? We shall limit us here to static aspects. Unless in the realm of religion, we do no know digital beings without some physical support : the biologic chemistry of ADN and neurons, the mechanics, acoustics , electronics and optics of artificial digital systems. Moreover, a large part of subsistence, perennity, coherence and communication of DU beings depend on their physical support.

Digital functions can be physically implemented with diverse mechanisms (Foliot, DNA, Gerbert, Boole, Babbage). The logic gate and gate assemblies are (one of ?) the best and purest models. DNA and neurons are the other kinds of mechanisms.

The simplest mode of showing the relation is to draw a map of digital systems over the physical world, at all scales from the cell structures up to the worldwide communications and our digital incursions in space (satellites, some radar emissions).

But that only the hardware base of elementary digital forms. More important is the software anchoring in matter.

2. First comments

A key point in incarnation is the "geographical" address of being. Purely digital addresses may be considered as always somehow abstract, conventional between beings. And can be changed by copying in a love of cases. It is not so with physical anchoring (though comparatively easy with electronic supports). .

At low level, these addresses are implicit for a given being, because its inputs are implicitly related to some part of matter. When other S will be identified, they will be defined by S in reference to itself. But a community of beings will find profitable to relate to an "objective" system of addresses. Hence a general "mapping" of DU.. When the mapping grades up, beings in DU will understand its 3D + time structure. An analysis of the inputs will let appear structures, stabilities, periodicities, then the modelling of something that the system has no action on, but that it can predict. . And build a model in particular by hypotheses formulation and comparison with observations. For instance astronomy from its start.

In this general mapping, each sufficiently developed being stores its own address and space occupancy. It sees also that its outputs have impact on some regions, not on others. In other words, some inputs are so specifically related to outputs and to nothing else, than they make call for in the model the notion of "I'. (Reflexivity, "self"). The mirror is not brought by body, but by some causal effects of outputs on inputs.

The digital time marked by clocks and cycles must also be anchored in physical time. That calls for:
- adjustment of the basic cycle (difficult if not impossible) or call to public-common time references
- basic hardware of the clock (insertion into matter).

Some beings are more resisting and offer a larger possibility of bit measure. That is matter seen from a digital standpoint. Here, a bit or a being takes a physical space, weighs a mass, dissipates energy, has its temporality in the historical time. Then immediately several parameters :
- spatial density : number of bits per volume unit
- massic density : number of bits per mass unit
- energy dissipation for bits, and so more for "processors"
- cycle, expressed in current (fractions of a second).

Some of the exchanges of a being with the physical world may is perceived as "internal" (coenesthesic for the sensorial side).

Besides this "explicit", "conscious" relation to matter through I and O, all the beings are related to physical matter as their basic support and implementation. It is clear that changes in this physical support may impact on S, in particular on E. It may be lethal for S. Possibly there are also effects ofE evolution on matter. The "ordinary" relativity applies with all its implications, notably a limit in division of matter (applying to volume and mass density) and the speed of communication. It combines with digital relativity.

There are quantitative relations between DU beings and the physical world. Digital mass is related to matter
- by costs
- by matter ductility, grain (with difference among materials)
- by energy and pollution
- by entropy.

3. Physical aspects of the generative process

In all the processes, we must deal not only with the purely formal content and what goes with. As the biological genetics, where DNA is not the one only bearer or the genetic patrimony.


In biological genetics, code and non-code parts have the same size for the child as well as for its parents. Let us note that the code is a set of generators, but the living being is not a "pure product" of its genes, which could be then found back by analysis and division.


4. Physical laws


-------------to be edited

5. Incarnation and transcendance

transferred into Transcendance

6. Varia

Is matter continuous ?
Is matter "the World" ( in the Jonannic acception ?)

What is important it the combination of 3D and matter. 2D matter is a forgery, more or less taken for 3D by our vision. Typically, the painting as illusion.

Behind that, our relation with things. If I handle them in 2D only, it is an illusion, or a project.
If in 1D, just the words, just the project's name.


Under the material, random.
Progress, as for materials, consists in:
- extension of dynamics, maxel depth
- size reduction of maxel

The chip. With this thinness augmentation, we reduce and bracket the randon. We control, wilfully, a sort of uncertainty relation.
Structures above maeme: timbre, prosody, musical phrasé, characters font.

A sort of uncertainty relation. Planck const of bit related to matter? Linkec to Moore's law (number of transistor per chip).

Fragmentation ways from matter (see fragmentation assembly), milling
- Construcgion toy, Meccano, Lego
- raster sensors : photo, oeil
- raster effector, temporal raster
- mattter controlled in writing and reading (memory, chip).

See Body L'incarnation (LILH) Vivre mon corps (LILH)
Aménager l'espace matériel (LILH)