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Last update on 5/3/2020

Years 2010's

01010101 - France Multimedia * G M
ALA Architects Finland Architecture ** GG M
Abad Donald France Interaction * G M
Abdelaziz Talbi France Painting * GGG M
Abela Lucas Australia Music * G M
Afifi Sa¨d Morocco Interaction * G M
Afoutou Edgar_Ekoué Senegal Sculpture * G M
Alemany Frédéric France Dance * G M
Alexiu Bruno France Music *** GGG M
Allahyari Morehshin Iran Sculpture * G F
Allante Claire France Video * GGG F
Allary Stephane France Multimedia * G M
Alter_Essio _ France Dance * G T
Ameyed Darine Tunisia Painting * GG F
Amoudruz Pierre France Video * GG M
Andaur Sebastian Chile Painting * G M
Antanaskovic Nemanja United-Kingdom Video ** G F
Antonellis Anthony USA Multimedia * GG M
Aperghis Georges France Music *** G M
Apikian David Armenia Video *** GGG M
Arcaan - France Multimedia * GG T
Arcier Hugo France Painting * G M
Armas Marcela Mexico Robotics ** G F
Asai Nobomichi Japan Video ** G M
Ascidiacea - France Music ** G T
Ashmore Laurence United-Kingdom Multimedia * GGG F
Assilevi Kossigan_Roland Senegal Performance * G M
Audebert Julien France Cinema * G M
Auxietre Balthazar France Multimedia * G M
Auzet Roland France Performance ** G M
Avoka - France Interaction * GG T
Ayats Charle France Interaction * GG M
Azam Alice France Performance * G F
Aziosmanoff Florent France Robotics ***** GGG M
BLU - Italy Cinema ** G T
Baier Viola Germany Cinema * G F
Baig Haroon Netherlands Multimedia * GG M
Bailey Jeremy Canada Performance * G M
Baker-Smith Ben USA Multimedia * GGG M
Balac Marion France Painting * G F
Baldasseroni Alessandro USA Cinema * G M
Baldwin Dan United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Ballon Jean France Video *** GGG M
Banzbowinkel _ Germany Painting * GG T
Barbottin Marie France Dance * GG F
Barret Lionel France Multimedia * GG M
Basanta Adam Canada Web ** G M
Baschz Leeft Netherlands Multimedia * G M
Bayle Julien France Multimedia * GGG M
Bayo Guillem Spain Objects * G M
Bébié-Valérian Gaspard France Multimedia * G M
Bébié-Valérian Sandra France Multimedia * G F
Beckwith Megan Australia Dance * GG M
Bédar Crystelle Canada Painting * G F
Belhocine Lyès Algeria Multimedia * G M
Bellabas François France Photography * GG M
Berenguer Rocio France Multimedia *** F
Berkani Karim France Painting * G M
Berloquin Pierre France Music ** G M
Bertinet Guillaume France Interaction * G M
Bertozzi Jean-Pierre France Painting *** GGG M
Besbes Skander Tunisia Music * GG M
Besse Joël France Painting *** GGG M
Bianchini Samuel France Multimedia * G M
Bidner Reinhold Austria Video * G M
Bierg Kory USA Architecture * GGG F
Bissières Stéphane France Music * G M
Bittler Alain France Painting ** G M
Blanco Luz Turkey Painting * G M
Bleau Myriam Canada Interaction * G F
Bohnk� Benoit France Video * G M
Boillot Nicolas Canada Web * G M
Boissarie Xavier France Interaction * G M
Boland Howard United-Kingdom Bio-Art ** G M
Bonhomme Olivier France Painting * G M
Borsuk Amarantha USA Writing * G F
Bouchohcha Fouad France Music * G M
Bouillé Pierre France Painting * G M
Bouras Ammar Algeria Video * G M
Bourcier Philippe France Multimedia * G M
Bouse Brad USA Writing * G M
Briand Jeanne France Interaction * GG F
Bristow Tegan South-Africa Video * G F
Brochier Daniel France Light ** GG M
Brooks James United-Kingdom Painting ** G M
Broquaire Vincent France Painting * G M
Brouaye Jeanne France Theater * G F
Brun Estelle France Interaction * G F
Brun Rémi France Light * G M
Brunet Thibault France Painting * G M
Bruyère Jean-Michel France Sculpture * G M
Buellet Stéphane France Interaction * GG M
Buguet Anne France Dance * GG F
Cadet France France Robotics ** GGG F
Candy Michael Australia Sculpture * GG M
Canto Siegfried France Multimedia * GG M
Cao Yuxi_James China Multimedia ** GGGG M
Carassou-Magnan Marion Canada Performance * GGG F
Carlotto Andrea Italy Music * GG M
Carmignac Charles France Music ** GGG M
Carniaux Pierre France Cinema * GG M
Caselles-Dupr� Hugo France Painting *** GGGG M
Castellanos Mari Spain Fabrics ** GG F
Cazin Claire France Performance * G F
Chalayan Hussein Turkey Fabrics *** G M
Chalon Fabien France Sculpture ** G M
Chambefort Françoise France Painting ** G F
Chanel David France Painting * G M
Chanhthaboutdy Somphout France Video ** G M
Chanhthaboutdy Somphout France Video ** G M
Chapon Léa France Writing * G F
Chapoulie Jean-Marc France Web * G M
Chawla Symrin USA Multimedia * G M
Cheveu - France Music ** GG T
Chiang Chia-Chi Taiwan Interaction ** GG M
Children_of_the_Light _ Netherlands Light * G T
Cho Hyun-Hwa Korea Music * GG F
Chomienne Estelle France Painting * G M
Chuchu Jim Kenya Painting * G M
Cinti Laura United-Kingdom Bio-Art ** GG F
Clair-Obscur (Le) France Dance ** GG F
Clergeaud Damien France Performance * G M
Cochet Zita France Video * G F
Cohen Léonard France Cinema * G M
Colbie Tom France Video ** G M
Colbie Tom France Video ** G M
Coleman Melissa Netherlands Fabrics ** GGGG F
Collectif_Anonyme - France Multimedia * G T
Collectif_Yeta - Mali Interaction * G T
Constantini Arcangelo Mexico Robotics ** G M
Contant Benjamin France Painting * G M
Contreras Paul_Rosero Ecuador Moves ** G M
Cosnefroid Florence France Interaction * GG F
Costa Anabela Portugal Cinema * GGG F
Costello Ma�bh Ireland Painting * G T
Couvelaire Natacha France Painting * G F
Couzinet-Jacques Sylvain France Photography * G M
Cox Philip Australia Architecture ** G M
Cunin Dominique France Interaction * GG M
CuteCircuit - United-Kingdom Fabrics ** GG T
Dala - South-Africa Multimedia * G M
Dall'Allarmellina Luc France Writing * G M
Damecour Maxime France Sculpture * GG M
Daniaux Magali France Multimedia * G F
Daumann Thibault France Painting * G M
Davis Allison USA Cooking * G F
Dawes Brendan United-Kingdom Web ** GGG M
Debully Michel France Video *** GGG M
Delangle Fred France Painting * G M
Delatouche Isabelle France Writing * GG F
Delesvaux Antoine France Cinema * G M
Delporte Olivier France Interaction * GG M
Demaret-Pranville Denise France Painting *** GGG F
Denise Léon France Video ** GGGG M
Desaubliaux Alix France Painting * G M
Deschamps Judith France Performance * GG M
Deschaud Alexandre France Cinema * G M
Deslieu Paul France Sculpture * G M
Desmoulains Jefferson France Theater * G M
Destieu Quentin France Robotics * GGG M
Deswaef Julien Belgium Web * GG M
Deswarte Lola France Cinema * GG F
Deumier Sandrine France Writing * G F
Di_Meglio Côme France Sculpture * G M
Diabi Moulla France Performance * G M
Diagne Cyril France Multimedia * GG M
Diehl Teresa USA Interaction ** GG F
Dijkstra Maartje Netherlands Fabrics ** GGG F
Dissaux Annie France Multimedia ** GGG F
Do-Won Sin Korea Video * G M
Dorf Mark USA Photography ** G M
Dorsen Annie USA Multimedia * G F
Douet_Ortiz Marine France Painting *** GGG F
Dragan Anja Germany Fabrics ** G F
Drakulic Aleksander France Video *** GGG M
Dubois Kitsou France Dance ** G F
Ducornet Mytil France Writing * G T
Dumas Chloé France Theater * GG F
Dupouy Marcel France Video * G M
Dury Rémi France Music * G M
Duval Renaud France Interaction * GG M
Edelstein-Gomez Majda France Video * GGG F
Electronic-Shadow - France Multimedia ** GG T
Elgheryeni Amine France Bio-Art * GGGG M
Emard Justine France Video * GGG F
Eon Franck France Cinema * G M
Ertel David USA Multimedia * G M
Esparza Gilberto Mexico Bio-Art ** G M
Evans Cecile United-Kingdom Cinema * G F
Eveillard _ France Painting * GG F
Eyongakpa Em'Kal Cameroon Sculpture * G M
F_T_R - United-Kingdom Fabrics ** GG T
Fabrique_Nomade - France Music * G T
Fach Ole Germany Web * GG F
Falsnaes Christian Germany Interaction ** GGG M
Farahi Behnaz USA Fabrics ** GG F
Faria_Vilas_Boas Matteus_de Brazil Painting * G M
Fauchere Camille France Writing * G M
Faure Arnaud France Photography * G M
Favard Laetitia France Interaction * GG F
Fischer Hervé France Painting * G M
Fishcer Dylan USA Objects * G M
Flachot Bertrand France Photography * G M
Fletcher Jerome United-Kingdom Writing * GG M
Fontcuberta Joan Spain Photography * G F
Fouquart Florine France Video * GG F
Foures Henry France Music * GG M
Fourneau Antonin France Interaction * G M
Fournier Vincent France Photography * G M
Fradet Patrick France Music * GG M
Fréring Elisabeth France Painting * G F
Fu Snow_Yunxue USA Painting * G F
Fautrel Pierre France Painting *** GGGG M
Galle Tom USA Web ** G M
Galstyan Karine Armenia Sculpture * G F
Gambert Chloé France Music * GG F
Gao Ying Canada Fabrics ** GG F
Garbit Patrick France Objects * G M
Gates Nathan South-Africa Objects * G M
Gaudion Lucien France Music * G M
Gaulon Benjamin France Multimedia * G M
Gaulon Olivier France Interaction * G M
Gbobou Edwige Ivory-Coast Sculpture ** G F
Le_Gentil_Garçon - France Cinema * G M
Geoffre-Roulan Martial France Sculpture * GG M
Gherbi Nicholas France Multimedia * G M
Ghukasyan Vahagn Armenia Sculpture * GG M
Gibello Emmanuelle France Music * GG F
Gibson Gerod France Calligraphy * G M
Girardot Thomas France Interaction * G M
Giriat Christian France Interaction * G M
Gladwell Shaun Australia Video * G M
Goddyn Hélène France Painting * G F
Goguey F�licien Switzerland Web ** GGG M
Goicoechea Maria USA Performance * G F
Goncalvez André Portugal Interaction * GG M
Gordijn Lonneke Netherlands Light * GG F
Gouchet Xavier France Painting * G M
Gouisset Raphael France Performance * G M
Govender Ravi South-Africa Multimedia * G M
Grant Ian United-Kingdom Robotics * G M
Gratius Jean-Yves France Music * GG M
Grenier Etienne Canada Multimedia * G M
Grisard Fabien Belgium Music * GGG M
Gromer Gaetan France Music * G M
Grotepass Maia South-Africa Multimedia * G F
Grzeszykowska Aneta Poland Cinema * G F
Gun Kailu China Fabrics ** G F
Guberman Jonathan_M Canada Multimedia * G M
Guermont Milène France Interaction * GG F
Guerra David France Music * G M
Guess Jeff France Photography * G M
Guez David France Web * G M
Guez Emmanuel France Interaction * G M
Guez Judith France Multimedia * G F
Guichard Nicolas France Interaction * GG M
Guillermet Christoph France Multimedia * G M
Guillou Jannick France Cinema * GG F
Guiol Etienne France Video * G M
Hah Tasoc Korea Interaction * G M
Hamilton Joe Australia Video * G M
Hammadouche Lyes France Sculpture * GG M
Hammond Kristian USA Writing * GG M
Hartenyan Tatev Armenia Sculpture * GG F
Harutyunyan Tatev Armenia Sculpture * GG M
Hatcher Ian USA Performance * G M
Haudressy Pascal France Video * G M
Haute Lucile France Web * G M
Hekke Thomas_voor't Netherlands Multimedia * G M
Hertz Garnet USA Multimedia ** GG M
Hertz Jimmy France Interaction * G M
High Kathy USA Bio-Art * GG F
Hirakawa Norimichi Japan Video * GGG M
Hockney David United-Kingdom Painting ** G M
Honf - Indonesia Bio-Art ** GGG T
Hopf Judith Germany Cinema * G F
Hotrique Jules France Music * GGG M
Howlett Chris Australia Video * G M
Hubert Jean France Video * G M
Huebner Arne Germany Video * G F
Huet Evelyne France Painting * G F
Hughes Lynn Canada Theater * G F
Huguet Sylvain France Robotics * GGG M
Hussein Zarah United-Kingdom Video ** G F
ILK - France Painting * G T
Ignac Macin Danemark Painting * GG M
Iocose - United-Kingdom Cinema * GG T
Isley Vicky United-Kingdom Cinema * G F
Itey Sophie France Interaction * GG F
Ito Shun Japan Sculpture * GG M
Izam Cyril France Painting * G M
Jacobs Anne-Laure France Web * GGG F
Jacobs Bénédicte France Web * GGG F
Jacquet Yannick Belgium Sculpture * G M
Jaffray Alex France Multimedia ** G M
Jager Michael_de South-Africa Multimedia * GG M
James Richard USA Cinema * G M
Janssens Ann_Veronica Belgium Light ** GG F
Jaouen Joseph France Music * G M
Jean Patrick France Cinema * G M
Jia-Hua Zhan Taiwan Interaction * GG T
Joodan-Kun - USA Cinema ** G M
Jovanovic Bojan USA Painting * G M
Kane Abdoulaye_Armin Senegal Sculpture * G M
Kaplan Noa USA Sculpture * GG M
Katambayi_Mukendi Jean RDC Sculpture * G M
Kazemi Darius USA Web *** GGGG M
Kerebel Marie-Agnès France Painting * G F
Keyaerts Gauthier Belgium Music * GG M
Khelil Farah Tunisia Sculpture * G F
Kim Hyung-Tae Korea Games * G M
Kim Unzi Korea Video * G M
Kimyonghun Shinseungback Korea Photography * GG M
Klar Ernesto Venezuela Multimedia * G M
Klonowski Carine France Painting * G F
Ko Seung-Wok Korea Interaction * G T
Kovr - Netherlands Fabrics ** G T
Kraus Florence France Music * GG F
Krinsky Menachem Israel Painting * G M
Kudla Allison USA Bio-Art * GGG F
Kudlak Patrycja Poland Multimedia * G F
Kupresanin Andrew Germany Photography * GG M
Kuziela Andrzej United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Lab212 _ Switzerland Video ** GG T
Labaeye Cora France Writing * GG F
Lachaise Marion France Video * G F
Lachignot Ladislas France Painting * GG M
Lallemand Ianis France Multimedia * GG M
Laric Oliver France Sculpture * G M
Larralde Joseph France Music * GG M
Lartigue Béatrice France Multimedia * GG F
Lasnier Jeremie France Multimedia * GG M
Lavrencic Ursula Slovenia Multimedia * GG F
Le-Guay Yann Belgium Music * G M
Le_Parc Juan France Multimedia * GGG M
Le Rouzic France Robotics *** GG M
Leaustic Fabien France Video * G M
Leguay Yann France Music * G M
Lejault François France Video * GG M
Lelouche Marie France Interaction ** GGG F
Lemercier Joanie France Interaction * G T
Leon Santiago_Ferrero France Interaction * G M
Leon-Guiu Fernando USA Painting *** GGG M
Lepart Selma France Interaction * GGG F
Letellier David France Multimedia * G M
Levesque Eric France Video *** GGG M
Li Blanca France Dance *** G F
Lillemon Geoffrey USA Video * GG M
Lin Tan USA Video * G M
Living Bernhard United-Kingdom Music * G M
Lopez Soliman Spain Interaction ** GGG M
Louise Frank_II France Music * G M
Lovelace Caden United-Kingdom Web * G M
Loyer Christophe France Video *** GGG M
Lund Jonas Sweden Interaction ** GG M
Lyall Marcus United-Kingdom Moves * GG M
Mâa Berrriet France Interaction **** GG M
Magnani Sebastian Switzerland Photography * G M
Maigret Nicolas France Multimedia * G M
Mailender Thomas France Multimedia * G M
Maillet Emilie_Anna France Theater * GG F
Malbert Alexis France Music * GG M
Malichier Guillaume France Multimedia * GG M
Malrieux Claire France Video ** GGGG F
Mamou-Mani Arthur France Architecture ** G M
Mandron Jérôme France Sculpture * GG M
Mannelli Laura France Architecture * G F
Mansoux Aymeric United-Kingdom Games * G M
Manuel Bertrand France Robotics * GG M
Marcos Adrien France Multimedia * GG M
Marmin Guillaume France Light * G M
Marolleau Frédéric France Music * G M
Marsiglia Vicenzo Italy Cinema * G M
Martig François France Music * G M
Martinache François. France Painting * G M
Martinengo Alice France Multimedia * GG F
Martinez Xano France Interaction * GG M
Maryhofer Verena Austria Interaction * G F
Mate Claudia France Web * GG F
!Mediengruppe_Bitnik Switzerland Web ** G T
Melançon Katherine Canada Photography * G F
Melchiot Fabrice Switzerland Theater * G M
Merlet-Briand Mathieu France Painting ** G M
Mertens An Belgium Writing ** GGGG F
Merzouki Mourad France Dance ** GG M
Messier Martin France Performance * G M
Mestizo Hamilton Columbia Interaction ** G M
Middleton Peter United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Mihaleva Galina Bulgaria Fabrics ** GG F
Mikaelyan Ashot Armenia Sculpture * GG M
Mikaelyan Mamikon Armenia Sculpture * GG M
Minh Yann France Multimedia * G M
Mixage_Fou _ France Interaction * GG T
Molga Kasia United-Kingdom Fabrics ** GG F
Monney Michael France Photography * G M
Monnier Mathilde France Dance * G F
Montgermont Nicolas France Multimedia * G M
Moore Tom Ireland Cinema * G M
Mora Antonio Spain Painting * G M
Morell Stefan New_Zealand Painting * G M
Morellet Rachel France Painting * G M
Moricet Bertrand France Music * G M
Morinaga Kunihiro Japan Fabrics ** G M
Morissey Judd USA Writing * G M
Morvan Olivier France Painting * G M
Mostafa Magdi Egypt Music * GG M
Moya Patrick France Web * GG M
Muller-Pohle Andreas Austria Writing * G M
Muller Tomas Czech_Republic Video ** GG M
Muthesius Thomas France Interaction * GG M
Myrvold Pia Italy Multimedia * G F
Nabian Nashid Canada Architecture * G T
Nauta Ralph Netherlands Light * G M
Ndiaye Momar_Kaëré Senegal Dance * G M
Nelson Jason USA Writing * G M
Nelson Jennifer USA Cinema * G F
Nenow Damian Poland Cinema * G M
Neustetter Marcus South-Africa Painting * G M
Newman Rupert United-Kingdom Interaction ** G M
Niark-1 - France Painting * G T
Njenga Muchiri Kenya Cinema * G M
Nogami Katsuki Japan Web * GG M
Nonotak_Studio - France Multimedia ** GGG T
Novello Chris USA Games * G M
Nuñez Leo Argentina Multimedia ** G M
Nxedlana Jamal South-Africa Multimedia * G M
Ocelot Michel France Cinema ** G M
Oertli Stéphane Belgium Performance * G M
Ogboh Emeka Nigeria Music * G M
Oikonomou Ioannis Greece Architecture ** GG M
Okura Mayumi France Interaction * GG F
Olislaeger François France Painting * G M
Oozu Takeshi Japan Interaction * GG M
Orchard Grant United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Orfesccu Chris France Painting * G M
Orkestronika _ France Music * GG M
Ortiz Benjamin_Moreno Mexico Writing * G M
Ortiz Diego France Performance * G M
Osman Kareem Egypt Multimedia * G M
Ossevoort Stijn Netherlands Fabrics ** GGG M
Oyarzun Christian Chile Music ** G M
Ozkan Birce USA Fabrics ** GG F
Pachoud Thomas France Multimedia * GGG M
Papamargariti Eva United-Kingdom Video * GG F
Paquet Eliott France Painting * G M
Partos Christian Sweden Sculpture * G M
Paskine Max France Performance * G M
Pasquet Olivier France Performance * G M
Paysant Michel France Painting * G M
Pearson Matt Sweden Painting * GGG M
Peleg Danit Israel Fabrics ** GG F
Penderecki Krzystof Poland Music * G M
Penelle Fred Belgium Sculpture * G M
Peraza Rodolfo Cuba Web ** G M
Perez Laetitia France Multimedia * G M
Péin Jérémie France Cinema * G M
Perraud Stéfane France Multimedia ** G M
Peyret Jean-François France Theater * GG M
Peyronnet Patrice France Painting * G M
PiBee _ France Video * G M
Picard Marion France Writing ** G F
Picard Marion France Writing ** G F
Pigment_Pixel _ France Interaction * GG T
Pijecki Wojciech Poland Painting * G M
Piokaz - France Cinema * G T
Planes Bertrand France Sculpture * G M
Plaxco Jim USA Painting * G M
Please Mikey United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Ploeger Dani Netherlands Multimedia * GG M
Pohflepp Sascha Germany Sculpture * G M
Polak Kamil Poland Cinema * G M
Polyzos Daphne Spain Interaction * GG F
Popp Julius Germany Interaction * G M
Portier Cécile France Writing * G M
Pottier Arnaud France Web * G M
Poulain Benoit France Music * GG M
Pourchet Bernard France Painting * G M
Praxmarer Robert Austria Video * G M
Psarra Afroditi Greece Interaction * GG F
Pschetz Nicole France Dance * GG F
Punk Jim Belgium Web ** GGG M
Qi Jye USA Fabrics ** GGG F
Quevillon François France Interaction * G M
Quistrebert Florian&Michael France Video ** GGG T
Rabichon Baptiste France Photography * G M
Rademeyer Stefanus South-Africa Painting * GGG M
Raguenes Erwan France Multimedia * G M
Rain Aude France Video * G F
Ratté Sabrina France Video * G F
Ravalec Vincent France Cinema * G M
Rebotini Arnaud France Music * G M
Regottaz Djeff France Games * G M
Rezaire Tabita South-Africa Multimedia * GG F
Ribotti Cassandra France Multimedia * G F
Ricko _ France Painting * G M
Riviere Arnaud France Music * G M
Rodado Aniara Spain Dance * G F
Rogala Miroslaw USA Multimedia * G M
Rosner Tal United-Kingdom Performance * G M
Roszkowa Maria France Design * G F
Rousseau Anthony France Interaction * GG M
Roy Niklas Germany Interaction ** G M
Russo Alberto Switzerland Painting * G M
Rypakova Kristina Czech-Republic Architecture ** GG F
Sagalyn Adline France Video *** GGG F
Saint-Amant Etienne France Painting * GGG M
Saint-Aubin Samuel France Sculpture * GG M
Sakalauskas Rimas Lithuania Video * G M
Sanchez Felipe-Luque USA Light * G M
Saotome Taichi Japan Dance * G M
Saraswati Gramich Indonesia Sculpture * G F
Sartorio Lisa Tunisia Painting * G F
Sassoon Nicolas France Sculpture * G M
Sato Jun France Video *** GGG M
Satrom Jon USA Multimedia ** G M
Schallmaier Frank Netherlands Photography * G M
Schulze Daniel Germany Light * G M
Scourti Erica Greece Web * GG F
Segal Liat Israel Multimedia *** GGG F
Segawa Go France Video *** GGG M
Segrera Fito Columbia Interaction * GG M
Senni Lorenzo Italy Music * GG M
Sfar Joann France Cinema *** G M
Sharp Oscar USA Cinema ** GGGG M
Shepard Marc USA Web * GG M
Shibuya Koichiro Japan Multimedia * G M
Shirk Kelly USA Cooking * G F
Si_et_seulement_si - France Theater * G T
Sims Aaron USA Cinema * G M
Sisman Candas Turkey Interaction ** GGG M
Sismo_Objectsers - France Objects * G T
Sistach Claire France Interaction ** GG F
Sisyu - Japan Calligraphy * G M
Sj�len Bengt Sweden Video * GG M
Smith Paul United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Smits Kathleen-Curran USA Painting * G F
Socquin-Brillan Philippe France Painting * G M
Solon Brian Ireland Sculpture * G M
Son Michelle South-Africa Cinema * G F
Song Yinan China Web * GG F
Soulhiol Géraud France Painting * G M
Speakman Duncan United-Kingdom Writing ** GGG M
Spinney James United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Stam Jon Canada Interaction * G M
Stearnq Phillips USA Multimedia * G M
Sterckx Filip Belgium Video ** G M
Stern Nathaniel South-Africa Web * G M
Strojna Bogumila France Painting *** GG F
Suhr Cecilia USA Multimedia * G F
Super Nature China Interaction * G M
Systaime - France Multimedia * G M
Tanaka Atau Japan Music * G M
Tanaka Kotoro Japan Multimedia * G M
Teamlab - Japan Video * GG T
Teamlab - Japan Video **** GGG T
Teles_de_Castro Isadora France Video ** G F
Terrier Grégoire France Music * GG M
Thévin Olivier France Painting * G M
Thibault Raphaë France Video * G M
Thomas Pascal Australia Video GGGG M
Tnani Ali Tunisia Multimedia * G M
Tokui Nao Japan Interaction * GGG M
Torn Katie USA Video ** G F
Torres Santiago France Video * G M
Tosin Giuliano Brazil Writing * G M
Touwslager Auke Netherlands Multimedia * G M
Trapped_in_Suburbia - Netherlands Interaction * GG T
Trois-Carrés Stéphane France Painting *** G M
Truniger Lukas Switzerland Multimedia * GG M
Tshabalala Pippa South-Africa Web * GG M
Tudoux Thomas France Painting * G M
Tulp Wouter Netherlands Painting * G M
Undo Katerina Belgium Multimedia * GG F
Uyttendaele Jeroen Belgium Music * G M
VJ P-MA Canada VJ * GG T
Valk Marloes_de United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Valla Clément France Photography * G M
Valverde Alberto Spain Fabrics ** GG M
Van_Stenis Miyo Venezuela Web * G F
Van Dongen Netherlands Fabrics ** GGGG F
Van_Eetvelde Catharina Belgium Painting * GG F
Van_Loenen Jasper Netherlands Web * GGG M
Van_Loon Jeroen Netherlands Web **** GGG M
Van_der_Kleij Danny Netherlands Multimedia * G M
Vander_Kooij Dirk Netherlands Objects * GG M
Vasiliev Danja Germany Multimedia * G M
Vega Katia Peru Fabrics ** G F
Verbeeke Anton Belgium Painting ** G M
Verbrugghe Bruno France Music * GGG M
Vernhes-Lermusiaux Aurélien France Interaction * GG M
Vernier Gauthier France Painting *** GGGG M
Veyrat Marc France Video * GGG M
Vieux Anne France Multimedia ** G F
Visual Systems France Multimedia * G T
Vives Luc France Painting * G M
Voillaume Thomas France Interaction * G M
Völker Niels Germany Sculpture * GG M
Von_Hasseln Liz USA Cooking * G F
Von_Hasseln Kyle USA Cooking * G M
Vujanovic Irena USA Painting * GG F
Vul� _ France Photography * G M
Wagenknecht Addie USA Interaction GG F
Wagner Garcia Brazil Architecture ** G F
Wagon Gwenola France Cinema ** GG F
Warnow Christopher Germany Sculpture * GGG M
Watanabe Takao Japan Robotics * G M
Waterman Colin USA Multimedia * GG M
Watson Theo United-Kingdom Multimedia * GG M
Webb James South-Africa Multimedia * G M
Whitaker Carly South-Africa Interaction * GG F
Windows 93 France Web ** GG T
Wipprecht Anouk Netherlands Fabrics ** GGGG F
Woeishi Lean Germany Multimedia * G M
Wu Naomi China Fabrics * G F
Xolo Zamani South-Africa Multimedia * G M
Yang Minh-Ha Korea Interaction * G T
Yi Yang China Photography * G M
Yokobe Masaki Japan Painting * G M
Yro - France Multimedia * G T
YroYto - France Multimedia ** G T
Yu Li Switzerland Interaction * GGG F
Yvon-Paliot Sylvain France Painting * GGG M
Zajega François Belgium Painting * GGG M
Zakaria Haythem Tunisia Video * G M
Zaramella Juan-Pablo Argentina Cinema * G M
Zerktouni Arthur Morocco Interaction * G M
Zhao Ivan USA Multimedia * GG M
Zocco Fabien France Interaction * G F
Zoran Amit USA Objects * G M
629 artists.

Years 2000C's

Ben_Khelifa Karim France Photography ** G M

Years 2000's

Abad Antoni Brasil Web ** G M
Abe Hitoshi Japan Architecture ** GG T
Abreu Ivan Mexico Multimedia *** G M
Abrigeon Julien_d' France Writing * G M
Acconci Vito-Hannibal USA Architecture *** G M
Acme - United-Kingdom Architecture ** GG M
Adam Fred France Multimedia * G M
Adigard Erik Congo Web * G M
Cie-AdrienM - France Dance * G T
Aernoudt Jacobs Belgium Music * G M
Akamatsu Mayasuki Japan Interaction * G T
Akleman Ergun USA Painting * G T
Akten Mehmet United-Kingdom Painting *** G M
Alary Olivier France Music ** G M
Alexander Amy USA Performance *** G F
Alexiu Bruno France Music *** GGG M
Allende Dan USA Web * G M
Alliban James United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Allouche Mija France Painting ** G T
Altiner Alp USA Painting ** G M
Ammer Ralph Germany Painting * G M
Anderson Victor Sweden Painting * G M
Andrews Jim USA Multimedia ** GGG M
Andreyev Julie Canada Multimedia ** GG F
AntiVJ - France VJ ** G M
Antoine-Loeff Barthélémy France Cinema ** G M
Apertet Jean-Jacques France Painting * G M
Apollonio Marina Italy Painting * G F
Apostol Alexander Columbia Painting *** G M
Appadoo Owen_K France Cinema * GG M
Arakawa Ei Japan Performance ** GG M
Arcangel Cory USA Games **** G M
Arcis Thibault France Cinema * G M
Arikan Buran Turkey Painting ** G M
Asendorf Kim Germany Multimedia * GG M
Atsara - France Multimedia ** G T
Atsunobu Kohira Japan Photography * G M
Auber Olivier France Cinema ** G M
Audry Sofian Canada Multimedia * G M
Avdal Heine Netherlands Dance * G M
Ayo Damali USA Web * G F
Azzaro Gilles France Sculpture ** GG M
BIG - USA Architecture ** GG T
Babelli Gazira Italy Multimedia * G F
Babiole Cécile France Music ** GG F
Baboni-Schillingi Jacopo France Music * G M
Babski Christian Switzerland Architecture ** G M
Bachini Gwendaline France Dance * GGG F
Baecker Ralf Germany Interaction * GG M
Baker Christopher USA Web ** G M
Baldwin Lew USA Web * G M
Baloste Igor France Music * G M
Bambagioni Aurélien France Web * G M
Baraga Martin_Bricelj Slovenia Interaction ** GGG M
Baratelli Jérôme France Interaction * GG M
Barbanneau Yorick France Multimedia * G M
Bard Perry USA Web * GG M
Barham Anna United-Kingdom Cinema * G F
Barok Dusan Slovakia Multimedia * G M
Baron Ren�-Louis France Music * GG M
Barret Pascale Belgium Multimedia * GG F
Bartholl Aram Germany Sculpture * G M
Bartoli Kevin France Web * GG M
Base San Canada Cinema **** GGG M
Bastit Tristan France Cinema * G M
Batlle Michel France Painting ** G M
Baude Christopher USA Sculpture * G M
Bauer_Andrej Andrej Slovenia Art * GG M
Bauer Pascal France Sculpture * G M
Bauffe Nicolas France Music * GG M
Baumann Kurt Germany Painting * G M
Beau Cécile France Sculpture * G F
Bechetoille Romain France Cinema ** G M
Beech Barney United-Kingdom Web * G T
Beer Sue_de USA Cinema * G F
Beesley Philip Canada Sculpture * G M
Beiguelman Giselle Brazil Web * G F
Béland Véronique France Multimedia ** GGG F
Belic Milija Serbia Video *** GGG M
Beloff Zoe USA Cinema * GG F
Ben-Ary Guy Australia Bio-Art * GGG M
Benayoun Maurice France Multimedia ***** GGG M
Berger Pierre France Art *** GGG M
Bergstrom Carl Germany Painting * G M
Bernhard Hans Switzerland Web ** G M
Bernier Nicolas Canada Performance * G M
Bernstein Jan Germany Sculpture * GG M
Berzowska Joanaa USA Fabrics * GG F
Besson Luc France Cinema ***** G M
Bhooshan Shajay United-Kingdom Architecture * GG M
Bighetti Vera-Silva Brazil Painting * GG M
Bigot Jacques France Multimedia * G M
Bijon Thomas France Painting * G M
Bilbao Inigo Spain Multimedia * GG M
Biothing - Czech-Republic Architecture ** GGGG F
Birchbaum Andy USA Performance *** G M
Bismarck Julius_von Germany Photography * G M
Bittanti Matteo Italy Multimedia * G M
Bjork - Iceland Music ***** G F
Blake Jeremy USA Video * G M
Blondeau François France Cinema * G M
Bodet François France Painting ** GGG M
Boeck Christoph_de Belgium Music * G M
Bogana Alan Switzerland Video ** G M
Boillot Nicolas France Web * GGG M
Boisset Stéphanie France Web * G F
Bonanno Mike USA Performance ** G M
Bonte Isabelle France Interaction * G F
Bopape Dineo_Seshee South-Africa Multimedia * G F
Borgman Tim Germany Sculpture * G M
Borrego Angel Spain Architecture ** G M
Bosse Chris Germany Architecture * GGG T
Bouchon Didier France Music * G M
Boullay Boris_du France Writing * G M
Bourgeois Marie-Julie France Web * G F
Boursier-Mougenot Céleste France Multimedia ** GG F
Bourzeix Romain France Cinema * G M
Boutruch Samuel France Cinema * G M
Bouvier Alexandre France Music * GG M
Bowen David USA Robotics * G M
Boyer Jean-Marie France Web * G M
Brajkovic Sebastian Netherlands Sculpture * GG M
Brand Eelco Netherlands Cinema * GG M
Brandeis Adam USA Bio-Art * G M
Breazeal Cyntha USA Robotics *** GGG F
Brennan Buck USA Architecture * G M
Bressan Yannick France Theater * GG T
Bret Michel France Cinema ***** GGG M
Breuleux Yan Canada Video * G M
Breuning Olaf Switzerland Cinema * G M
Briand Mathieu France Interaction * G M
Broadhurst Susan United-Kingdom Theater ** G F
Brooks Sawad USA Painting * G M
Brout Emilie France Photography ** GGG F
Brown Adam Canada Painting * G M
Brown Richard United-Kingdom Interaction * GGG M
Brucker-Cohen Jonah Ireland Web * G M
Brument François France Light * GG M
Brunet Carla Brazil Multimedia * G F
Bruno Christophe France Web ** G M
Büchler Pavel Czech-Republic Music * G M
Buckhouse James USA Dance * G M
Budgett Graham USA Writing * G M
Bulatov Dmitri Russia Bio-Art * G M
Bureau_d'Etudes - France Web * G T
Burgaud Patrick France Writing * G M
Bürger Manuel USA Multimedia * G M
Burnham Sheerlann_Ki_Sun USA Bio-Art * GG M
Byrne David USA Music ** G M
Cadioli Marco Italy Photography * G M
Cagol Stefano Italy Web * G M
Cahen Robert France Writing * G M
Cahen Roland France Performance * G M
Caiman Production France Cinema * G T
Camburet Lionel France Multimedia * G M
Cameron Andy United-Kingdom Interaction * G T
Cameron James USA Cinema ***** G M
Campbell Kurt South-Africa Calligraphy * G M
Cante Nicolas France Music * G M
Cantoni Rejane Brazil Multimedia * G F
Capozzo Alessandro Italy Painting * GG M
Caravella Elisabeth France Multimedia * G F
Carion Stéphane Switzerland Architecture ** G M
Carnet Ben_F USA Multimedia * GG M
Carpenter J_C Canada Writing * GGGG M
Castet Julien France Interaction * GGG M
Castonguay Alexandre Canada Interaction * G M
Catala Antoine USA Video * G M
Catts Oron Australia Bio-Art * GGGG T
Cavalheiro Abilio Portugal Writing * GG M
Cayla Emmanuel France Objects ** G M
Chafe Chris USA Music ** GG T
Chamagne Mathieu France Interaction ** G M
Champion Dominique France Photography * G T
Chan Paul France Multimedia * G M
Chang Young-Hae Korea Web ** GGG M
ChanG Foung-gyu Korea Music * G M
Charles Bertrand France Web * G M
Charnock Nigel Germany Performance ** G M
Chatonsky Grégory France Multimedia ***** GG M
Chaurand Philippe France Multimedia * G M
Cheang Shu-Lea China Performance ** G F
Chedburn James United-Kingdom Games ** G M
Chevalier Miguel France Cinema ***** GG M
Cho Peter USA Sculpture * G M
Cholain Camille France Writing * G M
Cillari Sonia Italy Interaction * GG F
Cirio Paolo Italy Web ** G M
Cirque-du-Soleil - USA Performance **** GG T
Ciss Mansour Senegal Multimedia * G M
Clauss Julien Belgium Multimedia * G M
Clauss Nicolas France Multimedia * G M
Clay Arthur Switzerland Cinema * G M
Cleempoel Michel Belgium Cinema * G M
Clifford Allison United-Kingdom Cinema * GG M
Cliquet Etienne France Objects * G M
Closky Claude France Web ** G M
Cochard Catherine France Interaction * GG F
Cohen Charles USA Photography * G M
Cohen Preston_Scott USA Architecture ** GG M
Collins Dan USA Cinema * GG T
Collins Nick Norway Music * G M
Colton Simon United-Kingdom Painting * GG M
Coltro Davide Italy Painting * G M
Company_in_Space - Australia Theater ** G T
Congaz - Germany Multimedia * G T
Conrad Demian Switzerland Writing ** GGG M
Coppey Caroline France Interaction * GGG F
Coover Roderick USA Writing * G M
Corin Florence Belgium Dance * G F
Corredor Eliana Germany Interaction * G F
Corrine Legalize France Cinema * G F
Corsetti Giorgio_Barbiero Italy Theater * G M
Corte Ferdinand France Web * G M
Cortright Petra USA Web * GG F
Côté_noir/côté_blanc - France Performance * G T
Courdy Keiko France Multimedia * G F
Cox Geoff United-Kingdom Cinema * GG M
Cox Ian USA Web * G M
Crescenti Leonardo Brazil Cinema * G M
Crespin Elias Spain Sculpture ** G M
Cristofol Jean France Writing * GGG M
Critical_Art_Ensemble - USA Multimedia * G T
Croizé Fabrice France Multimedia * G M
Cros Michael France Interaction * GG M
Crowe Nick United-Kingdom Web * G M
Cruz Indira-Tatiana Columbia Interaction * GG F
Curien Frédéric France Music * GG M
DNA-11 - France Painting * GG T
Daft-Punk - France Music **** G M
Dailleau Laurent France Music ** G M
Daines Michael Canada Web * G M
Daisy-Ginsberg Alexandra United-Kingdom Bio-Art * GG F
Daito Manabe Japan Cinema * G M
Danielewski Mark_Z USA Writing * GG M
Daniels Ezra_Claytan USA Multimedia * G M
Darlington Alfred USA Music ** G M
Darrot Nicolas France Robotics ** GG M
Davidson Andrea Canada Dance * G F
Davis Harley France Painting * GGG T
Davis Paul_B USA Games * GG M
Delappe Joseph France Games * G M
De_Boeck Christophe Belgium Music * G M
Decatoire Olivier France Robotics ** G M
Deck Andy USA Web ** G M
Decoi Architects United-Kingdom Architecture * GG T
Degoutin Stéphane France Performance * GG M
Dehlinger Hans Germany Painting *** GG M
Delafontaine Laetitia France Sculpture * G F
Delaume Chloé France Writing * GGGG F
Delécluse Christian France Dance * GGG M
Delieutraz Caroline France Multimedia * GG F
Delsaux Jean France Multimedia * GG M
Dempsey Alan United-Kingdom Architecture ** G M
Denisart Christian France Robotics * GG M
Dermineur Marika France Web * G F
Desbazeille Magali France Interaction ** GG F
Deschamps Igor France Interaction * G M
Dessens David France Painting * G M
Diefenbach Anja Germany Theater ** G F
Ding Shao China Multimedia * G M
Dionne Boris Canada Multimedia * G M
Djeff - France Multimedia ** G M
Doherty Robin Ireland Painting * G M
Domnitch Evelina BieloRussia Multimedia * GG F
Donnarumma Marco United-Kingdom Music * G M
Dourmana Petko Bulgaria Multimedia * G M
Draves Scott USA Cinema ** GGG M
Du Zhenjun France Multimedia * GG T
Dufaux Pascal France Photography * GG M
Dumetz Cédric France Interaction * G M
Dumitriu Anna United-Kingdom Fabrics ** GGG F
Durante Tommaso Australia Painting * G M
Durif Valentin France Music * G M
Easterly Douglas New_Zealand Bio-Art * G M
Eaton Ed Canada Sculpture * G M
Eber Dana-Elisabeth USA Painting * G F
Ebert David USA Painting *** GG M
Eckermann Sylvia Austria Games ** GG F
Edmiston Jeremy USA Architecture * G M
Edwards Michael United-Kingdom Music ** GGG M
El-Khoury Rodolphe Canada Architecture * G M
Elahi Hasan USA Web ** G M
Eldrige Alice United-Kingdom Music * GGG F
Eloueini Ammar Lebanon Architecture * G M
Em Marc France Music * G M
Eno Brian United-Kingdom Music ***** GGG M
Epuré Sherban Romania Painting ** G M
eRikm - France Multimedia * G M
Escalle Alain France Cinema * G M
Essen Mark USA Games * GG M
d'Estienne_d'Orves Félicie France Multimedia * G F
Evans Helen United-Kingdom Light *** G F
Evru - USA Painting ** G M
Fagg Andrew USA Web * GG M
Fall Samba Senegal Cinema * G M
Faraldo Angel Spain Music * GG M
Farocki Harun Germany Video ** G M
Farrell Malachi France Objects * G M
Faulders Thom USA Architecture * GG M
Favand Jean-Paul France Multimedia ** G M
Fei Cao China Video ** G M
Fiadante Miguel USA Painting * G M
Finley Chris USA Painting * G T
Fischer Andreas Netherlands Sculpture * GG M
Fitch Lizzie USA Video * G F
Fleisch Thorsten Germany Cinema * GG M
Fléri Louis France Interaction ** G F
Fletcher Harrell USA Web * G M
Floc'h Nicolas France Sculpture * G M
Fong Steven Canada Architecture * G M
Fontana Bill USA Music ** G M
Fornes Marc USA Sculpture * GG M
Fornieles Ed United-Kingdom Web * G M
Forsythe William USA Dance * G M
Four-Wheel-Drift - Canada Interaction * G F
Fournier Thierry France Interaction * G M
Franceschini Amy USA Web ** G F
Franco Anaisia Brazil Multimedia * GG F
Franke Daniel Germany Music * G M
Freeman Jason USA Music * G M
Frémiot Marcel France Music * GG M
Frey Leopold France Music * G M
Freyer John_D USA Web * G M
Frigo Alberto Italy Multimedia * G M
Fruchtnis Klaus Columbia Multimedia ** G M
Fry Benjamin USA Art ** GGG M
Fuchs Mathias Germany Games ** GG M
Fudge Carl United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Fujii Hikaru Japan Interaction * G M
Fukuhara Shiho Japan Bio-Art * GG M
Fumeron Alexandre France Cinema * G M
Fur - France Music * G T
Future-Systems - United-Kingdom Architecture * G T
Gabriel Martha-Carrer Brazil Web *** GG F
Gaffney Nick Australia Cinema *** G M
Gagneré Georges France Performance * G M
Galanter Philip USA Art ** GGG M
Gallis Fabrice France Writing * GGG M
Galloway Alex USA Web * G M
Gantelet Stéphane France Sculpture * G M
Garcia-Colombo Gabriel USA Video * G M
Garnavault Sylvain France Performance * G M
Garnett Joy USA Web * G F
Gatarsky Richard Sweden Art ** G M
Gautier Pascal France Robotics * GG M
Geib Dona USA Painting * G F
Geilfus Simon Belgium Interaction * GGG M
Gelfand Dmitry Russia Multimedia ** G M
Generative_Typographie - Germany Calligraphy * G M
George Philip Australia Cinema * G M
Geridan Jean-Michel France Painting * G M
Gerrard John Austria Architecture ** G M
Gervais Emilie France Web *** G F
Gherban Alexandre France Painting ** G M
Ghomi Emilien France Music * GG M
Gilbertas Ilia Spain Dance * GG F
Giner Pierre France Multimedia * G M
Giraud Fabien France Sculpture ** G M
Giscloux Derrick France Music * GG M
Gitman Yuri USA Web * G F
Glassford Thomas USA Light * G M
Glazier Loss_Pequeño USA Writing * G M
Gleeson Madge USA Photography * G F
Glynn Ruari Ireland Architecture ** GGG M
Gobeille Emily Netherlands Multimedia * G F
Gollifer Sue United-Kingdom Painting ** GGG F
Golon Laurent France Sculpture * G M
Gomariz Emilio Spain Multimedia * G M
Gommel Matthias Germany Robotics ** G M
Gorman Samantha USA Writing * GG F
Goto Suguru Japan Performance ** GG M
Gourfink Myriam France Dance ** G F
Graef Jurgen Germany Interaction * G M
Grangier Emmanuelle France Interaction * GGG F
Grassi Miguel Argentina Robotics ** G M
Grasso Laurent France Sculpture * G M
Grecu Mihai Romania Video * G M
Greenwold Simon USA Sculpture * GG M
Greger Gene USA Objects * G M
Gremmier Thomas Germany Robotics * GG M
Griffiths Dave United-Kingdom Music * GG M
Grimon Gilles France Painting * G M
Groebel Matthias Germany Painting * G M
Grof Ferenc France Web * G M
Gröhn Lauri Finland Music * GGGG F
Guénin Jean-Michel France Painting * G M
Gufflet Pierre France Music * GG M
Guibert Thierry France Painting * G M
Guignard Christophe Switzerland Architecture ** G M
Guyton Wade USA Painting * G M
Gwilt Ian United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Haaron Mirza United-Kingdom Sculpture * GG F
Hafez Khaled Egypt Multimedia * G M
Hagarty Ian USA Painting * GG M
Haitz Martina Germany Robotics * G F
Hall Antony United-Kingdom Bio-Art * G M
Hall Steven United-Kingdom Writing * G M
Hallinan Nate France Painting * G M
Hamot Hubert France Painting * G M
Hansen Heiko Germany Light ** G M
Hansen Mark USA Multimedia * G M
Hansmeyer Michael Switzerland Architecture ** GG M
Hanson David USA Robotics ** G M
Harddisko - Switzerland Music ** G T
Harris Dominic United-Kingdom Interaction * G M
Hart David-Augustus USA Painting * G M
Harvey Auriea Belgium Games * G F
Hatoum Mona Lebanon Painting * G F
Hawtin Richie United-Kingdom Music ** GG M
Heemskerk Joan Netherlands Web * G F
Heide Axel Germany Cinema * G M
Heide Edwin_van-der Netherlands Multimedia ** G M
Heimbecker Steve Canada Web * G M
Helden Joannes Sweden Writing ** G M
Hellio Eleonore USA Web * G F
Henry Cyrille France Performance * G M
Henry Damien France Performance * G M
Hentschlager Kurt Austria Multimedia * G M
Henze Eno Germany Painting * G M
Herbaut Guillaume France Photography ** G M
Hertz Paul USA Painting * G M
Herzog Leander Switzerland Sculpture * GG M
Hewlett Robin USA Multimedia * G M
Hickinbottom Andrew United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Hirsuta - USA Architecture * GG T
Hitoshi Abe Japan Architecture * G M
Hodgin Robert USA Multimedia * GG M
Hodkinson Leigh United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Holden Peter-William United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Holthuis Jeroen Netherlands Multimedia * GG M
Holzer Jenny USA Light * G F
Hopkins Sam Kenya Multimedia * G M
Horiuchi Tatsuo Japan Painting * G M
Horvath Peter USA Web ** G M
Horvath Drea Hungary Painting * G F
Hourbette Gérard France Music * G M
Howell Brendan Germany Interaction * GG M
Huang Alvin United-Kingdom Architecture * G M
Huber Dieter Austria Photography * GG M
Hudgon Kirsten Australia Bio-Art * GGG F
Huelin Michel Switzerland Painting * G M
Huet Cécile France Web ** GG F
Huff Kenneth USA Painting * GG F
Hurokawa Ryoichi Japan Cinema ** GG M
Hutzler Guillaume France Multimedia * GG M
Hyperbody Research_Group Netherlands Architecture * GG M
Ikam Catherine France Interaction *** G F
Ikeda Ryoji Japan Performance * G M
Imperiale Alicia USA Architecture * G F
Inavouable - France Performance * G T
Ingenhoven Christoph Germany Architecture * G M
Innocent Troy Australia Photography *** GGG M
Isdant Raphael France Interaction * GG M
Israel Thomas Belgium Sculpture * G M
Ito Toyo Japan Architecture *** G M
Iwai Toshio Japan Painting * G M
Iwata Hiroo Japan Interaction * G M
Jacquemin Christian France Dance * GG M
Jakobsen Luiza Brazil Web * G F
Jankenpopp _ France Multimedia * GG M
Jansen Theo Netherlands Robotics * G M
Jay Jazzy USA Music * GG M
Jenkinson Tom United-Kingdom Music * GG M
Jenson Vicky USA Cinema * G F
Jeremijenko Natalie USA Objects * G F
Jobin Gilles Switzerland Dance * GG M
Jodlowski Pierre France Music * G M
Johnson Chris USA Painting * G T
Johnson Paul USA Objects * G M
Johnston_Marklee and_Associates USA Architecture * G T
Jolly Francis France Photography * G M
Jorda Sergi Spain Music * GG M
Joris Erik Belgium Performance ** G M
Joy Jérôme France Music ** G M
Juarez Geraldine Sweden Multimedia * G F
Juehui Wu China Multimedia ** G M
Jugue Loïc France Video * GG M
July Miranda USA Web * G F
Kotter Daniel Germany Music *** GG M
K.Danse - France Dance * GG T
KRN - France Web * G F
Kaalam - France Calligraphy * G M
Kabarelectronik - France Multimedia * G T
Kalliala Martti Finland Architecture * GG M
Kanno So Japan Robotics ** GGG F
Kauselmann Oliver Germany Cinema * G M
Keller Patrick Switzerland Architecture ** G M
Kelley Heather USA Games * G F
Kelomees Raivo Estonia Writing * G M
Kenyon Matthew New_Zealand Bio-Art * GG M
Kickinger Max Germany Music * G M
Kiefer Cedric Germany Painting * G M
Kildall Scott USA Multimedia * G M
Kim Hye-Kyung Korea Painting * G M
Kismet - USA Robotics * GG T
Klayman Melinda USA Web ** G F
Klein Ruy USA Architecture * GG M
Klima John USA Multimedia * G M
Klingemann Mario USA Painting * GG M
Kloepfer Thorsten Germany Cinema * G M
Klonaris Maria Greece Cinema * G F
Knight Nick United-Kingdom Interaction *** G M
Kobayashi Hiroki Japan Interaction ** GG F
Kodama Sachiko Japan Sculpture * GG F
Koen Victor USA Painting * G M
Kolas Oyvind Norway Photography * G M
Kolgen Herman Canada Sculpture ** G M
Koller Andreas Austria Painting * G M
Koven Mark USA Photography * G M
Koza John USA Cinema * GGG M
Kozel Susan Canada Performance * GG F
Krajewska Elka USA Cinema * G F
Kram Reed Sweden Objects * G M
Krause Dorothy USA Objects * G F
Kr�e Nathalie France Sculpture * GG F
Kreidler Johannes Germany Music *** GGG M
Kudless Andrew USA Architecture * GG M
Kueny Pierre France Painting ** G M
Kurgan Laura USA Architecture ** G F
Kurokawa Azusa Japan Painting * G M
Kurokawa Ryoichi Japan Multimedia * G M
Kusahara Machico Japan Cinema * G M
Kushiyama Kumiko Japan Interaction * G F
Kuwakubo Ryota Japan Objects * G M
Kyttanen Janne Finland Light * GG M
La_Spada Giuseppe Italy Multimedia ** G M
Lachambre Benoçit Canada Dance * G M
Laffont Patrick France Video ** G M
Lambert-Wild Jean France Performance ** G M
Lamunière Simon Switzerland Interaction ** G M
Laroche Simon Canada Multimedia * G M
Laroze Frank France Writing * G M
Laugier Sonia France Light * GG F
Lavaud Sophie France Cinema ** G F
Lavigne Christian France Sculpture ** GG M
Lawson Shawn USA Cinema * G M
Layne Barbara Canada Fabrics * G M
Lazzarini Robert USA Painting * G M
Le_Berre Claude France Multimedia * G T
Le_Chevallier Martin France Games * G M
Le-Meur Anne-Sarah France Interaction *** GG F
Leary Clover USA Web * G M
Leblanc Suzanne Canada Multimedia * G F
Lee Hee_Won Korea Multimedia * G F
Lee Inhye Korea Multimedia * GGG F
Lee Jae-Min Korea Sculpture ** G T
Legrady George Canada Multimedia * G M
Legros Sébastien France Multimedia * G M
Lempereur S´bastien France Architecture * G M
Leroux Claire France Interaction ** GGG F
Leton Xavier France Web * GGG M
Levesque Julien France Painting ** G M
Levin Golan USA Cinema *** GGG M
Levine Paula USA Web * G F
Levit Robert USA Architecture * G M
Lévy Vincent France Cinema * G M
Lewis George USA Music * G M
Lewis Jason_Edwards USA Writing * G M
Lhotka Bonny USA Painting ** G M
Lia Marie_Johnson Austria Web * G F
Lialina Olia Russia Web * G F
Lichtfront - Germany Multimedia * GG T
Lichty Patrick USA Light ** G M
Lidell Jamy United-Kingdom Music ** GG F
Lieberman Jeff USA Interaction * G M
Lieberman Zach USA Sculpture * G M
Lim_Yi_Yong Charles Singapore Web * G M
Lima Leandro Brazil Multimedia ** G M
Lioret Alain France Cinema **** GGG M
Lisberger - USA Cinema **** G M
Liu Victor USA Web ** G M
Lizvlx - Switzerland Web ** G M
Lleo Juan-Antonio Spain Painting * G M
Lomas Andy USA Cinema *** GG M
Lombeyda Santiago USA Painting ** G M
Long Kiel United-Kingdom Music * GG M
Losa Diego France Music * G M
Lovell Robb Canada Cinema ** G M
Lozano-Hemmer Rafael Mexico Multimedia ** G M
Lucas Jesse France Multimedia * G M
Lucchesi Xavier France Photography ** G M
Ludovico Alessandro Italy Web * G M
Luetgart Sebastian Germany Web * G M
Luksch Manu United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Lund Andreas Sweden Interaction * GG M
Luque Felix Spain Video * GG M
Luxereau Christophe France Cinema * G M
Mabel_Octobre - France Performance ** G T
Machado Penousal Portugal Art *** GGG M
Macpa Peter USA Architecture ** G M
Madan Emmanuel Canada Music * G M
Magruder Michael United-Kingdom Multimedia *** G M
Maguet Stéphane France Music ** G M
Magyarosi Eva Hungary Video * GG F
Maillet Eric France Writing * GG M
Maire Julien Germany Performance * GG M
Malbreil Xavier France Interaction * GG M
Maloney Jessica USA Objects * G F
Malstaf Lawrence Belgium Interaction * G M
Manetas Milton Greece Painting ** GGG M
Mann Steve USA Cinema * G M
Manovich Lev USA Art *** GGG M
Marchal Damien France Painting * GGG M
Marchand Sylvie France Multimedia * G F
Margnac Jean-Paul France Photography * G M
Margolis Misha Russia Interaction ** G M
Marino Ivan Argentina Multimedia * G M
Marino Mark USA Writing * G M
Mario - Italy Music ** G M
Marion Maxime France Multimedia * G M
Marko-93 - France Light * G M
Marton Ana Romania Photography * G F
Jose-Manuel France Video *** GGG M
Matos Jean-Marc France Dance ** G M
Mattes Eva Italy Web ** G F
Mattes Franco Italy Web ** G M
Maubert Alexandre France Cinema * G M
Maurer Luna Netherlands Painting * GG F
Mauro_Flude Nancy Australia Multimedia ** G F
Maus Benjamin Netherlands Sculpture * G M
Mbarkho Ricardo Lebanon Web * G M
McCabe Jonathan Australia Painting * GGGG M
McCarthy Lauren USA Multimedia * GGG F
McCormick John Australia Multimedia * GGG M
McCoy Jennifer USA Interaction * GG F
McDonald Kyle USA Multimedia * G M
McIntosh Thomas Canada Architecture * G M
Mealey Alison United-Kingdom Games * G F
Meek Objects Germany Calligraphy * GG T
Memmott Talan Sweden Writing * GGGG T
Menicacci Armando France Dance * G M
Menkman Rosa Netherlands Web * GGG F
Mercier Mathieu France Objects * G M
Merhi Youcef Venezuela Web * G M
Mestaoui Naziha France Multimedia * G F
Meunier Albertine France Web * GG F
Mey Thierry_de Belgium Cinema * G M
Meyers Raquel Spain Multimedia ** G F
Mézenc Juliette France Writing * G F
Miasnik Shira Israel Music * GG M
Michel Pierre France Cinema * G M
Miebach Nathalie USA Music ** G F
Miles Adrian Australia Web * G M
Miller Dennis USA Cinema ** G M
Miller Steve USA Painting ** G M
Milstein Mark USA Painting * G M
Mitchell Bonnie USA Interaction * G F
Mitchell Katie United-Kingdom Theater * G F
Mizuguchi Tetsuya Japan Games ** GG M
Momeni Ali USA Web * G M
Monmarch� Nicolas France Cinema * GG M
Monnier Samuel Switzerland Painting * GG M
Montag Daro United-Kingdom Bio-Art ** GG M
Monteiro Stephane France Music * GG M
Montiel-Soto Sabrina Venezuela Multimedia * G F
Moody Robin Canada Multimedia * G M
Moore Gina Australia Cinema * G F
Morawe Voker Germany Multimedia * GG M
Moreau Benjamin France Cinema * G M
Moreda Miguel France Cinema * G M
Morel Julie France Multimedia * G F
Morelli Patrick France Web ** G M
Moretti Pierre France Theater * G M
Mori Mariko Japan Multimedia * G M
Morin Emile Canada Multimedia * G M
Motta Gisela Brazil Multimedia ** G F
Mouchette - Netherlands Web * G F
Moura Leonel Portugal Robotics * GGG M
Mulfinger Jane USA Writing * G F
M�ller Boris Germany Painting * G M
Muller Mark Germany Calligraphy * G M
Munoz Amor Mexico Fabrics *** GG F
Murayama Macoto Japan Photography * G M
Murcof - Mexico Music * G M
Murie Fred France Multimedia * G M
Music M2eye France Music * G T
Myers Rob United-Kingdom Painting *** GG M
Nair Arkan India Painting * G M
Najle Ciro Argentina Objects ** G M
Nakamura Motomichi Japan Cinema * G M
Nam Hye_Yeon USA Video * G F
Naudy Jean-Baptiste France Web * G M
Nawar Haytham Egypt Video * G M
Nechvatal Joseph France Cinema *** GGG M
Neidlich Warren Australia Painting * G M
Neitsch Sebastian Germany Robotics * G M
Nervous_System - USA Bio-Art ** GGG T
Neshat Shirin USA Performance * G F
Netzhammer Yves Switzerland Multimedia * GG M
Neural_Semantics - Belgium Painting * G M
Niel Grégory France Sculpture * G M
Nijs Marnix_de Netherlands Multimedia ** GG F
Noetlinger Jérôme France Music * GG M
Nordin Jesper Sweden Music ** G M
Nyeki Catherine France Video *** GGG F
O'Nascimento Ricardo Brazil Fabrics ** GG M
O'Rourke Karen France Web * G F
Obadike Keith USA Web * G M
Obermaier Klaus Austria Dance ** GG M
Odendaal Andries South-Africa Interaction * G M
Oggiano Lorenzo Italy Bio-Art * G M
Oldenburg Aaron USA Games * GG M
Oliver Julian Australia Web ** G M
Olory Paul France Performance * G M
On Josh USA Web ** G M
Onformative - Germany Multimedia * GGG T
Open-zone - France Interaction * G T
Opie Julian United-Kingdom Web ** G M
Orellana Fernando USA Robotics ** G M
Osborne Mark USA Cinema ** G M
Osterhoff Johannes_P Germany Multimedia * GG M
Oswald Olivier France Objects * G M
Otten Olivier Netherlands Multimedia * GG M
Ox Jack USA Painting * GGG F
Ozeray Michel France Theater * G M
Pagano scott USA Web * G M
Pajkrt Vaclav Czech-Republic Painting * GG M
Palacios Daniel Spain Interaction * G M
Palindrome_Inter-media_Performance P_Group Germany Dance * GGG T
Palun Lionel France Video * GG M
Pappenheime Will USA Multimedia ** G M
Paris Guillaume France Photography * G M
Park Sejong Korea Cinema *** G M
Park Jae-Dong Korea Painting * G M
Parreno Philippe France Cinema * G M
Pashenkov Nitika USA Writing * G M
Passedout Mafloh� France Dance * GG F
Paterson Nancy Canada Cinema * G F
Paulos Eric USA Multimedia * G M
Perales Veronica France Multimedia * G F
Peretti Chelsea USA Web * G M
Peretti Jonay USA Web * G M
Perez-y-Perez Rafael Mexico Writing * GGG M
Perich Tristan USA Music * GG M
Petersen Thomas" USA Painting * GG M
Petigenet Philippe France Music * G M
Pfeffer Florian Germany Painting * G M
Piano Renzo Italy Architecture ** G M
Piccini Patricia Australia Photography * G F
Piché Jean Canada Multimedia * G M
Pickup Tim United-Kingdom Interaction * GG M
Pigot Cédric France Music ** G M
Piñon Ricard-Marxer Spain Calligraphy * G M
Pita Florencia USA Architecture ** G F
Pitaru Amit Israel Music * G M
Pitt Brad USA Cinema ***** G M
Pleix - France Multimedia * G T
Plummer-Fernandez Matthew United-Kingdom Sculpture * GGG M
Ponce_de_Leon Monica USA Architecture * GG F
Poremba Cindy Canada Games * G F
Pressner Ted_S. USA Writing * G M
Prophet Jane United-Kingdom Multimedia ** GG F
Prudence Paul USA Cinema ** GGG M
Puckey Jonathan Netherlands Painting * G M
Pyke Matt USA Multimedia ** GG M
Quayola - United-Kingdom Video * G M
Quéloz Emmanuelle France Interaction * G F
Quemener Irwin France Architecture * GG M
Quinn Marc United-Kingdom Bio-Art ** GGG M
RYBN _ France Multimedia * GG M
Raaf Sabrina USA Robotics * G F
Rahim Ali USA Architecture ** G M
Rahime Nazura France Writing * G T
Rannou Catherine France Multimedia * G F
Rao Anil-CS India Painting * GG T
Rashid Hani Egypt Architecture ** G M
Rasti Olivier France Light * GG F
Ratti Carlo Italy Architecture * G M
Rawat Kurnal India Painting * G T
Reas Casey USA Art *** GGG M
Redl Erwin Australia Sculpture * G M
Rees Michael USA Sculpture * G M
Reidl Erwin Austria Sculpture *** GGG M
Reif Tilmman Germany Multimedia * G M
Reiser+Umemoto - USA Architecture * G M
Relyea Don USA Painting * GG M
Rémy S´bastien France Multimedia * G M
Ren Liu China Photography * G F
Renno Rosangela Brazil Cinema * GG F
Repetto Irving USA Painting * GG M
Rey Etienne France Interaction * G M
Rezo Cali France Painting * G F
Richards Kate Australia Interaction * GG F
Riecke Tim USA Painting * GG T
Riewer Eric France Cinema *** G M
Rigole Jasper Belgium Multimedia * GGG M
Rinaldo Kenneth USA Sculpture * GG M
Risch Damaris Belgium Interaction * GG F
Rist Pipilotti Switzerland Video * G F
River Mark USA Web * G M
Roberge Heather USA Architecture * G M
Robertson David USA Multimedia * GG M
Roca Javier Spain Painting * G M
Rocca Marcel-Li-Antunez Spain Dance * G M
Ronsiaux François France Multimedia * G M
Rose Aude France Performance * G F
Rosier Bruno France Interaction * G M
Roswall Martin Germany Painting * G M
Roth Evan USA Web ** G M
Roussel Natacha Canada Multimedia * GG F
Rozendaal Rafael USA Web * GG M
Rubidge Sarah United-Kingdom Dance * G F
Rueb Teri USA Interaction * G F
Ruskep�� Esa Finland Architecture * GG M
Sack Warren USA Painting ** G M
Sagmeister Stefan Germany Painting * G M
Saïd Mitch South-Africa Painting * G M
Sakrowski Robert Germany Painting * G M
Salavon Jason USA Photography * G M
Salter Chris Canada Multimedia * G M
Sanchez Rosa Spain Theater * GG F
Sardon Mariano Venezuela Multimedia * G M
Sasaki Makoto Japan Photography * G M
Sassolino Arcangelo Italy Robotics ** GG M
Sauer Adrian Germany Painting * G M
Sauter Daniel USA Light * G M
Sauter Joachim Germany Cinema * G M
Sautour Stéphane France Robotics * G M
Sauvage Ludovic France Video * GG M
Savelli Anne France Writing * G F
Savicic Gordan Austria Multimedia * GG M
Scénocosme - France Multimedia ** GG T
Schauerman Nicola United-Kingdom Interaction * G M
Scheer Joseph USA Photography * G M
Schemat Stefan Germany Multimedia * G M
Scherrer Camille Switzerland Interaction ** G F
Scherrer Camille Switzerland Interaction ** GGG F
Schieben Michael Germany Web * GG M
Schiffeleers Stijn USA Web * G M
Schleiner Anne-Marie USA Games * G F
Schmidt Karsten United-Kingdom Painting *** GGG F
Schmitt Antoine France Cinema *** GGG M
Schmitz Michael Germany Painting * G M
Schreiber Timothy Germany Objects * G M
Schubert Theresa Germany Bio-Art *** G F
Schuh Owen USA Painting * GGG M
Schultze Paul Australia Music * G M
Schweitzer Adelin France Interaction * GG F
Seaman Bill USA Interaction * G M
Seghal Tino United-Kingdom Writing * G M
Segni Guido Italy Web * GG M
Seidel Robert Germany Painting * G M
Seillier Bruno France Light ** G M
Selikoff Nathan USA Painting * G M
Sellam Michael France Robotics * G M
Séquin Carlo USA Objects * G M
Sérandour Eric France Interaction * G M
Servo - USA Architecture * GG T
Servovalve - France Cinema * G M
Sester Marie USA Interaction ** GGG F
Sheehan Benedict United-Kingdom Interaction * G M
Shiffman Daniel USA Painting * G M
Shinozaki Yukiko Netherlands Dance * G M
Shonen (Compagnie) France Dance * G T
Shop Architects USA Architecture * GGG T
Shor Shirley USA Multimedia ** GG F
Shu-Min Lin France Cinema * G M
Shukumaran Ashok India Performance * G M
Siboni Raphaël France Objects ** G M
Sierrra Vladimir Columbia Painting * GG M
Silhol Didier France Dance * G M
Simon Francis Tunisia Robotics * G M
Sinclair Peter France Music ** G M
Sinier Raoul France Music * G M
Sirois Dominique Canada Multimedia * G F
Siza Alvaro Portugal Architecture * G M
Slepian John USA Robotics ** G M
Sliders_Lab - France Interaction * GG T
Smedt Tom_de Belgium Painting * G M
Smith Paul_Henry USA Music M
Snibbe Scott USA Dance * G M
Soberano Nieto Spain Architecture ** GG T
Soetens Thomas Canada Multimedia * G M
Solaas Leonardo Argentina Multimedia * GGG M
Sonne Kasper Danemark Writing ** G M
Sorin Pierrick France Theater * G M
Sosolimited - USA Calligraphy * G T
Span Architects Australia Architecture * GGG T
Spatial_Media - France Multimedia ** G T
Spatial_Media - France Multimedia ** G T
Spies Jaco South-Africa Painting * GG M
Staehle Wolfgang USA Web * G M
Stalder Felix Switzerland Multimedia * GGG M
Stanza - United-Kingdom Multimedia * G T
Stefaner Moritz Germany Painting * G M
Steinweber Philipp Austria Painting * G M
Stenger Nicole USA Web * G F
Stevenson John USA Cinema ** G M
Stock Mark-J. USA Cinema * G M
Stoski Chris USA Painting * G T
Strasser Reiner Belgium Web * G M
Studer Monica Switzerland Painting * GG F
Sufrin Edouard France Cinema * G M
Sugrue Chris USA Bio-Art ** G F
Sulplugas Jeanne France Light * G F
Suter Thomas USA Painting * G M
Suzuki Yuri Japan Music * G M
Rodatz Christoph Germany Theater ** G M
Tez - Netherlands Performance * G M
TTY - France Sculpture *** GG M
Tak Young-kyung Korea Painting * G M
Takatani Shiro Japan Theater ** G M
Takayama Joe Japan Painting * G M
Tampon-Lajarriette Marion France Photography * G F
Teng Chao-Ming Taiwan Painting * G M
Teste Cyril France Multimedia ** G M
Tew Alex United-Kingdom Web * G M
Thery Flavien France Multimedia * G M
Thibault Alain Canada Music * G M
Thiel Tamiko USA Interaction * G F
Thirion Pierre Canada Video * G M
Thomson-&-Craighead - United-Kingdom Web * G T
Thyes Myriam Switzerland Video ** G F
Tien_Wei Woon Singapore Web * G M
Tishkov Leonid Russia Interaction * G M
Tisselli Eugenio Spain Web * GG M
Tobin Amon Brazil Music ** GG M
Tomasula Steve USA Writing * G M
Tomato - United-Kingdom Interaction * G T
Tonski Jacob USA Interaction * G M
Tosa Naoko Japan Sculpture * GG M
Townsend Mark Australia Painting * GG M
Trafik - France Multimedia * G T
T.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e - Belgium Dance * G T
Trecartin Ryan USA Video * G M
Tremmel Georg Japan Bio-Art * G M
Trenda Tiffany USA Performance * G F
Tresset Patrick United-Kingdom Multimedia * GGG M
Tribe Mark USA Web * G M
Trutwin Tobias Germany Painting * G M
Turnbull Katie Australia Multimedia * G F
Twohig Ivan Ireland Sculpture * G M
Ueoka Ryoko Japan Fabrics ** GG F
Umeda Hiroaki Japan Multimedia ** G M
Ungauer Sylvie France Multimedia * G F
Urban A&O USA Architecture * GG T
Urso Maria_Donata_d' France Dance * G F
Utterbach Camille USA Writing * G F
Valbuena Pablo Spain Sculpture * G M
Valverde Raul Spain Video * G M
Van_Berkel Ben Netherlands Architecture * G M
Van-Hemert - Netherlands Painting ** GG M
Van_Wynsberghe Wendy Belgium Multimedia ** G F
Van_den_Berg Christoph Switzerland Painting * GG M
Van_den_Bulcke Kora Canada Multimedia * G F
Van_den_Dorpel Harm Netherlands Multimedia ** GGG M
Vandesande Jeroen Belgium Music * G M
Veenhof Sander Netherlands Bio-Art * GG M
Veihan Xavier France Sculpture ** G M
Benet Bernard France Bio-Art * G M
Ventrella Jeffrey USA Interaction **** GG M
Venturelli Suzette France Web * G F
Verdière François_de France Painting * G M
Verlinde Hugo France Sculpture *** G M
Vermeulen Valery Belgium Music * GG M
Vernhes Eric France Multimedia * G M
Vesna Victoria USA Performance * G F
Vetere Diane Canada Painting * GG F
Villareal Leo USA Light * GG M
Villeneuve Jonathan Canada Sculpture * G M
Visonneau Antoine France Cinema * G M
Vogel Peter Germany Music * G M
Wada Ei Japan Sculpture * GG M
Walczack Marek USA Cinema * G M
Walker Matthew United-Kingdom Games * G M
Waller Angie USA Multimedia * G F
Wall'Ich - France Cinema ** GG M
Ward Adrian United-Kingdom Music * GGG M
Warner Daniel USA Multimedia * G M
Wattenberg Martin USA Music * G M
Watz Marius Norway Cinema * GGG M
Webster Christine France Music * GG F
Wechsler Robert USA Dance * G M
Weinkove Michael United-Kingdom Web * G M
Weiwei Ai China Multimedia *** G M
Wendling Wilfried France Music * G M
Wenger Rephael USA Photography * G M
West Ruth USA Bio-Art * GG F
Westenberg Peter Belgium Video ** GG M
Whidden Tim USA Web * G M
Whittington Jana USA Painting * G F
Widrig Daniel Switzerland Sculpture * GG M
Wilkonson Jamie USA Web * GG M
Williams Casey USA Photography * G M
Wilson Stephen USA Multimedia * GG M
Winkler Fabian USA Video * G M
Winterbotton Angie United-Kingdom Writing * GGG F
Wiscombe Tom USA Architecture * G M
Witbrock Michael New_Zealand Art * G M
Woolery Reginald USA Web * G M
Wortzel Adrianne USA Web * GG F
Wright Richard United-Kingdom Objects * G M
Xiachun Miao China Photography ** G M
Xun Sun China Cinema ** G M
Yamaguchi Takahiro Japan Robotics ** GGG F
Yamakawa Hisako Japan Interaction * G M
Yamanaka Shunji Japan Objects ** G M
Yeregui Manuela Argentina Multimedia ** G F
FonglianG Fang China Photography *** G M
Yoshioka Hiroshi Japan Interaction * G M
Young-Hae_Chang_Heavy_Industries - Korea Painting * GG T
Yvans Claude France Multimedia * GG M
Z'EV - USA Music * GG T
Zanni Carlo Italy Web * G M
Zappe Jan Germany Robotics * G M
Zaretsky Adam USA Bio-Art *** G M
Zellen Jody USA Web * G M
Zhenjun Du France Performance *** G M
Zhou Jing China Painting ** GGG F
Zhou Yi China Video ** G F
Siegler Christian Germany Video ** G M
Zimoun - Switzerland Sculpture * G M
Zucherman Orit USA Photography * G F
Zu�iga Ricardo_Miranda USA Web * G M
Zupančič Dunja Slovenia Multimedia * GG F
Zurr Ionat Australia Bio-Art * GGG M
1017 artists.

Years 1990's

Abe Yoshiyuki Japan Photography * G M
Abendroth Manuel Belgium Architecture ** G M
Abrahams Annie France Multimedia * G F
Adams Matt United-Kingdom Games ** G M
Aeppli Eva Switzerland Sculpture ** GG F
Akaiwa Yae Japan Web * GG M
Akshun - USA Web * G T
Alksnis Arvids Latvia Web * GG T
Allen Rébecca USA Interaction *** GG F
Almiron Miguel France Video * GGG M
Amerika Mark USA Video *** G M
Amkraut Susan USA Interaction * G F
Anker Suzanne USA Painting *** GGG F
Archive - United-Kingdom Music ** G T
Arias Fredy Columbia Video * G M
Armanetti Gilles France Writing * G M
Art+Com - Germany Painting * G M
Aselmeier Barbara Germany Web * G F
A.Strid - France Multimedia * G F
Asymptote - USA Multimedia ** G T
Avram Ana_Maria Romania Music * GG F
Baker Rachel United-Kingdom Web * G F
Banks Carl USA Painting * GG M
Barbosa Pedro Portugal Writing ** GG M
Barcena Carlos Spain Performance * G M
Bardou-Jacquet Antoine France Calligraphy * G M
Barratt Virginia Australia Web * G F
Barron Stéphan France Multimedia *** G M
Battier Marc France Writing * G M
Baumann Alain Spain Theater * G M
Bec Louis France Painting *** G M
Belin Valerie France Photography * GG F
Belisle Marie Canada Writing * G F
Bell Larry USA Interaction ** G M
Benjamin Ben USA Web * G M
Bergman Laura USA Multimedia * GGG F
Berkenheger Susan Germany Writing * GG F
Bernard Hervé France Photography *** GGG M
Bertolo Diane France Interaction * G F
Bhagwati Sandeep India Music ** G M
Biederman Matthew USA Multimedia * GG M
Biggs Simon United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Bilous Serge France Interaction * G M
Blair David United-Kingdom Interaction * G M
Blank Joachim Germany Web * G M
Blissett Luther Italy Web * G M
Bolognini Laurent France Sculpture * GG M
Bolognini Maurizio Italy Cinema * GGGG M
Bonardi Alain France Music * G M
Bookchin Natalie USA Games ** GG F
Boutiny Lucie_de France Writing * G F
Braccio Pete USA Music ** G M
Brixey Sam USA Painting ** G M
Brown Keith United-Kingdom Sculpture * G M
Brown Paul Canada Painting * GGG M
Brunone Tullio Italy Sculpture * G M
Bulloch Angela Canada Interaction ** GG F
Bunting Heath United-Kingdom Web * GGG T
Burkardt Sam France Cinema * G M
Campbell Jim USA Multimedia ** G M
Campus Peter USA Photography * G M
Canali Mario Italy Interaction * GG M
Canogar Daniel Spain Photography ** G M
Cardini Marco Italy Music * GG M
Casanova Christina Spain Games * G F
Cascone Kim USA Music * G M
Catmull Ed USA Cinema **** G M
Cayley John United-Kingdom Writing * G M
Chabaneau Ivan France Interaction * G M
Chabot Clyde France Performance * G F
Chang Isabel USA Performance * G F
Charrier Sophie France Painting * G F
Chemical-brothers - United-Kingdom Music * G M
Chen Chu-Yin France Cinema ** GG F
Chiffot Jacky France Writing * G M
Chodzko Adam United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Chow Tina USA Dance * GG F
Collins Susan USA Music * GG F
Colorusso Craig USA Music * G M
Coniglio Mark USA Dance * GG M
Cook Peter United-Kingdom Architecture * G M
Corsino N+N France Dance * GG T
Coulon François France Writing * G M
Courchesne Luc France Multimedia ** G M
Crifino Fabio Italy Interaction ** G M
Crondon Brody USA Games * G M
Cruz-Diez Carlos Venezuela Interaction * G M
Cuevas Minerva Mexico Multimedia * G F
Cumbrowski Carsten Germany Painting * G M
Czarnecki Gina United-Kingdom Painting * GG F
Czegledy Nina Canada Interaction * GG F
D'Agostino Peter USA Multimedia * G M
Dallet Jean-Marie France Interaction * G M
Dallio Patricia France Music * GG F
Damm Ursula Germany Bio-Art * GG F
Darmont Judith France Painting *** G F
Davies Char Canada Interaction *** GGG F
Davinio Caterina Italy Writing ** GG F
Davis Rae Canada Performance ** G T
De_Garis Hugo Australia Philosophy ** G M
de_Kerckhove Derrick France Art *** G M
De_Laubier Serge France Music ** G M
Debevec Paul USA Cinema **** G M
Decock Jérôme Belgium Architecture ** G M
Demarinis Paul USA Web * G M
Dement Linda Australia Multimedia * G F
Demers Louis-Philippe Canada Robotics ** GG M
Demeyer Thom Belgium Cinema * G M
Denize Antoine France Writing * G M
Denki Maywa France Objects * G M
Devautour Paul France Interaction * G M
Develay Frédéric France Writing * G M
Dörnbaum Daniel Germany Painting * G M
Dombis Pascal France Painting * GG M
Dominguez Diana France Interaction * GGG F
Dominguez Ricardo USA Web ** G M
Donath Judith USA Web * GGG F
Dorin Alan Australia Cinema * G M
Doutriaux Cédric France Writing * G M
Dove Toni USA Interaction * GG F
Driessens Erwin Netherlands Multimedia *** GGG M
Drouhin Reynald France Web * G M
Du_Bois Michel Canada Writing * G M
Dubois Jean Canada Multimedia * G M
Duckrick Lackaal France Performance * G T
Dufour Frank France Writing * G M
Dupuis Robin France Video * G M
Ebcioglu Kemal Turkey Music * GGG M
Ebener Christoph Germany Bio-Art ** GGG M
Epizoo - Spain Performance * G M
Epsenschied Dragan Germany Writing * G M
Essl Karlheinz Austria Music ** GGG M
Evangelisti Nicola Italy Light * G M
Evans Brian USA Writing * G M
Ez3kiel - France Web * G T
Fabre Xavier France Architecture ** GG M
Falco Edward USA Writing * G M
Farr Ju_Row United-Kingdom Games ** GG F
Faure-Walker James United-Kingdom Painting * GG M
Faure Claude France Writing * GG M
Feingold Ken USA Interaction * G M
Fenster Diane USA Painting * G F
Field Ken USA Performance * G M
Fietzek Frank Germany Interaction * GG M
Findlay Kathryn United-Kingdom Architecture ** GG F
Fonséranes - France Sculpture * G M
Foster Partners United-Kingdom Architecture ** GG T
Fractali_Art - Turkey Painting * GGG M
Francesconi Luca Italy Music * G M
Frelih Luca Netherlands Web * GG M
Frespech Nicolas France Web * G M
Freude Alvar Germany Writing * G M
Friedlander Paul USA Light ** G M
Friedrich Verena Germany Bio-Art * GG F
Fujihata Masaki Japan Interaction * G M
Fuller Matthew United-Kingdom Web ** G M
Gabriel Peter France Music *** G M
Gabriel Ulrike Germany Interaction ** GGGG F
Garnier François France Cinema * G M
Garrin Paul USA Interaction * G M
Gasperini Jim USA Cinema * G M
Genevois Hugues France Music * GGG M
Gibson-Ellis Jools USA Dance ** GGG M
Gibson Ruth United-Kingdom Dance * G F
Giovanelli Jean-Pierre France Multimedia * G M
Girard Michael USA Interaction * G M
Gogins Michael USA Music ** GGG M
Goldberg Ken USA Robotics * G M
Golden Helen USA Sculpture * G F
Goldman Harvey USA Multimedia * G M
Goldsmith Kenneth USA Writing * G M
Gortais Bernard France Multimedia * G M
Goulet Olivier France Web * G M
Grancher Valéry France Multimedia * G M
GreatHouse Labs USA Sculpture ** GG T
Green Colin United-Kingdom Web * G M
Greenaway Peter United-Kingdom Cinema *** G M
Griesbach Scott USA Photography * G M
Gritz Larry USA Cinema * GG M
Grosser Ben USA Multimedia * GG M
Grubinger Eva Germany Web * G F
Grzinic Marina Slovenia Performance * G F
Gunther Ingo Germany Painting * G M
Gursky Andreas Germany Photography * G M
Guyer Carolyn USA Writing * G F
Györi Ladislao_Pablo Argentina Writing * GG M
Haase Armin Germany Web * G M
Haig Ian Australia Multimedia * GG M
Halley Peter USA Web * G M
Harrison Paul United-Kingdom Painting * GG M
Harwood Graham United-Kingdom Calligraphy * G M
Hayes Dan United-Kingdom Painting ** G M
Hebey Evelyne France Multimedia * GG F
Heged�s Agnes Hungary Cinema * G F
Hendricks Jochem Germany Painting * G M
Henke Robert Germany Music ** GG M
Hershman Lynn USA Robotics * G F
Herzog Jacques Switzerland Architecture ** GG M
Heudin Jean-Claude France Bio-Art ** GGG M
Heyrman Hugo Belgium Web * G M
Hirata Oriza Japan Robotics * GG M
Hobbs Stephen South-Africa Architecture * G M
Hoberman Perry USA Interaction * G M
Holleley Douglas Australia Painting * G M
Höller Carsten Germany Interaction * G M
Hong Wonhwa Korea Painting * G T
Hosken Daniel USA Music * G M
Hovagymyan G.-H. USA Web * G M
Howe Daniel USA Writing * GG M
Hsin_Hsin Lin Singapore Multimedia * G F
Huber Felix-Stephan Switzerland Web * G M
Huebler Christian Germany Web * G M
Huffman Kathy_Rae Austria Web * G F
Huyghe Pierre France Architecture * G M
I-maginer - France Painting ** GG T
Ippolito Jon USA Web * G M
Ive Jonathan United-Kingdom Objects * G M
Jackson Michael USA Music ***** G M
Jackson Shelley USA Writing * GGG F
Jakob+MacFarlane - USA Architecture *** G M
Jarman Mervin USA Multimedia ** G M
Jarrell Michael Switzerland Music ** G M
Jenik Adriene USA Web ** G F
Jennings Pamela USA Interaction ** GG F
Jeron Karl_Heinz Germany Web * G M
Jevbratt /CS-Lisa Sweden Calligraphy * GG F
Jodi-Group - Netherlands Web * GG T
Johannsen Kirsten Germany Multimedia * G F
Jones Bill USA Dance ** GG M
Kremers David USA Bio-Art ** GGG M
KIDing - Portugal Photography * G T
Ka Wolf France Multimedia *** GG M
Kac Eduardo Brazil Bio-Art ***** GG M
Kanh Paul USA Writing * GG M
Kalpadjian Craig USA Photography * G M
Kanarek Yael USA Web * G M
Karazic Carmin USA Web ** G M
Kaulmann Thomas Netherlands Art * GG M
Kawara On Japan Writing * GG M
Kazuhiko Hashiya Japan Performance * G M
Keeene Peter Belgium Sculpture ** GG M
Kelly Kevin USA Cinema * GG M
Kendall Robert USA Writing ** G M
Kerlow Isaac USA Cinema **** G M
Kisseleva Olga Russia Painting ** G F
Klein Yves-Amu France Robotics ** G M
Knowbotic Research Germany Multimedia * G T
Knowles Rachel_Viadel Canada Multimedia ** G F
Kogan Raquel Brazil Multimedia ** GGG F
Kogler Peter Austria Painting ** GG M
Kogo Takuji Japan Web ** G M
Komar Vitali USA Web ** G M
Kon Satoshi Japan Cinema * G M
Koning Wobb_F USA Video * G M
Koolhaas Rem Netherlands Architecture *** G M
Kopit's Arthur USA Theater ** G M
Kriesche Richard Germany Interaction * G M
Kuntzel Thierry France Cinema * G M
Kyburz Hanspeter Switzerland Music * GGG M
La-Porta Tina USA Cinema *** G F
Lafaille J.M. France Writing * G M
Lagny Fabien France Interaction * G M
Landow George_Paul USA Writing * G M
Langheinrich Ulf Austria Multimedia *** G M
Langlade Catherine France Dance * G F
Larsen Deena USA Writing * G F
Laswell Bill USA Music * G M
Launhtard Julie USA Writing * G F
Laurel Brenda USA Multimedia ** G F
Lauro-Lazin Linda USA Objects * G F
Laval-Jeantet Marion France Bio-Art * GGGG F
Le_Prado Cécile France Music * GG F
Lee Liz USA Photography ** G F
Leegte Jan-Robert Netherlands Web * G M
Lefevre Joseph Canada Multimedia * G M
Lepage Robert France Performance * G M
Lewis Matthew USA Multimedia * GG M
Lewis Tim United-Kingdom Sculpture * G M
Limiteazero - Italy Multimedia * GG T
Lintermann Berndt Germany Cinema * G M
Lissel Edgar Germany Bio-Art ** GGG M
London Barbara USA Web * G F
Longavesne Jean-Paul France Painting ** G M
Longuet Alain France Painting *** GG M
Lopes Damian Portugal Writing * G M
Loyer Erik USA Multimedia ** GGG M
Lubell Bernie USA Interaction * G M
Luesebrink Marjorie_C USA Writing * G F
Lussan Edouard France Writing * G M
Lynn Greg USA Architecture ** G M
Machac Gil France Multimedia * G M
Machover Tod USA Music ** G M
Mackenzie Michael USA Video ** GG M
Magné Bernard France Writing * GG M
Malevé Nicolas Belgium Multimedia ** GG M
Mangin Benoiît France Bio-Art * GGG M
Marc Steven USA Painting * G M
Martelli Bruno United-Kingdom Dance * G M
Matthews Kaffe United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Maubrey Benoit United-Kingdom Dance * G M
McCormack Jon Australia Painting * GGG M
McIntyre Catherine United-Kingdom Photography * G F
Melamid Alexander USA Web * G M
Menezes Philadelpho Brazil Writing * G M
Mengho Feng China Multimedia ** G M
Meuron Pierre_de Switzerland Architecture ** GG M
Meyer Pedro Mexico Photography ** G M
Meynard Jean-Claude France Painting * G M
Mignonneau Christian France Multimedia ***** GGG M
Miyazaki Hayao Japan Cinema * G M
Monteil Pascal France Painting * G M
Moulthrop Stuart USA Writing * G M
Mount John USA Web ** GG M
Mul Geert Netherlands Video ** GGGG M
Murakami Koichi Japan Cinema * G M
Murthy Prema USA Web * G M
Musgrave Ken USA Painting ** GG M
Myoda Paul USA Multimedia * G M
Nagorny Frédéric France Cinema * G M
Naimark Michael USA Interaction ** G M
Napier Mark USA Web * G M
Nappi Maureen USA Cinema * GG F
Newcombe Marte USA Cinema * G F
Nickl Niki Austria Bio-Art ** GGG F
Nicolai Carsten Germany Multimedia * G M
Nideffer Robert USA Games * G M
Nouveau Fred France Multimedia * GG M
Novak Marcos USA Cinema * G M
Nox/Lars Spuybroeck Netherlands Architecture * G M
Nunes Emmanuel Portugal Music * G M
Othoniel Jean-Michel France Writing * G M
Ouramdane Rachid France Dance * G M
Outrapo - France Performance ** GGGG T
Palmer Mark USA Multimedia * G M
Paouri Arghyro France Cinema * GG F
Paré Zaven France Robotics * GGG M
ParkBench - USA Web ** G T
Passa Chiara Italy Interaction * GG F
Peljhan Marko USA Web * G M
Pelloquin Jean-Marie France Writing * G M
Penny Simon USA Interaction * G M
Perconte Jacques France Cinema * GG M
Petchanatz Christophe France Writing * G M
Peter Ronne USA Writing * G M
Petry Martha USA Writing * G F
Philippe Jean-Marc France Multimedia ** G M
Piacenza Philippe France Multimedia * G M
Piene Otto Germany Sculpture *** G M
Pierce Julianne Australia Web * G F
Pierre-Davis Richard United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Plewe Daniela_Alina Germany Interaction ** G F
Pocock Philip Canada Photography *** G M
Poirée-Ville Jean-Philippe France Architecture *** G M
Pondruel Denis France Sculpture * GG M
Pontecorvo Michael USA Multimedia ** GGG M
Pope Simon United-Kingdom Web * G M
Povall Richard USA Dance ** GGG M
Prado Gilberto Brazil Multimedia * G M
Prieur Thierry France Architecture * G M
RT Mark USA Painting * G M
Ralske Kurt USA Interaction ** G M
Ramboz Eve France Cinema ** GG F
Ranch Troika USA Multimedia * G M
Rauh Olaf Germany Photography * G M
Reaney Mark USA Performance * G M
Reeves Nicolas Canada Multimedia ** G M
Reynolds Craig USA Art * G M
Reznor Trent USA Music * G T
Rimini Francesca Australia Web * G F
Rodet Xavier France Music * G M
Roques Marc France Multimedia * G M
Rosa Paolo Italy Interaction ** GG M
Rossi Aldo France Architecture ** GG M
Rousseau Samuel France Video * G M
Roveda Stefano Italy Interaction * G M
Rozin Daniel USA Painting * G M
Rubin MaCynthia USA Photography * G F
Ruff Thomas Germany Photography * G M
Saguez Olivier France Architecture ** G M
Saint-Clair - France Multimedia ** GG M
Salz Samuel United-Kingdom Theater ** G M
Samyn Michaîl Belgium Web * G M
Sandison Charles Finland Cinema * G M
Sangiorgi Leonardo Italy Painting * G M
Savard André Canada Writing * G F
Scheef Mark USA Photography * G M
Schiphorst Thecla USA Interaction * G F
Schleifer Jason USA Web * G M
Schmitt Kass United-Kingdom Web * G T
Scott Jill USA Multimedia ** G M
Sekula Allan Poland Photography * G M
Selbo Vivian USA Web * G M
Sembo Kensuke Japan Web * G M
Sémeniako Michel France Photography * G M
Sengmümuller Gehrard Austria Multimedia * G M
Sens Olivier France Music * G M
Sermon Paul USA Web * G M
Shulgin Alexei Russia Web *** GGG M
Simon John USA Painting * G M
Simpson-Krause Dorothy USA Painting * G F
Sims Karl USA Cinema **** GGG M
Small David USA Calligraphy * G M
Smith Graham Canada Interaction * GG M
Soban Bogdan Slovenia Painting * GGG M
Sobell Nina USA Multimedia ** GG F
Soddu Celestino Italy Architecture *** GGG M
Sodeoka Yoshihide Japan Multimedia ** G M
Sollfrank Cornelia Germany Web ** G F
Somasa Saritdikhun United-Kingdom Photography * G M
Sommerer Chista France Multimedia ***** GGGG F
Sondheim Alan USA Writing * G M
Spalter Anne USA Painting * G F
Spiller Teo Slovenia Web ** G M
Spinhoven Bill USA Interaction * G M
Stalbaum Brett USA Web ** G T
Stanley Douglas USA Cinema ** GGG M
Stanton Andrew USA Cinema * G M
Starrs Josephine Australia Web * G F
Stefans Brian_Kim USA Writing * GG M
Stenslie Stahl Norway Web * G M
Stern Eddo USA Cinema * G M
Stocker Gerfried Austria Web * GG M
Stopiello Dawn USA Dance * GG F
Strickland Stephanie USA Writing *** G F
Strohmajer Igor Russia Web * G M
Studio_Azurro - Italy Interaction * G M
Sy Oumou Senegal Fabrics * G F
Takemura Shin'Ichi Japan Objects * G M
Tandavanith Nick United-Kingdom Games * G M
Tehrani Nader USA Architecture * G M
Thayer Pal USA Painting * GG M
Thornton K.D. USA Bio-Art ** GGG F
Thornton Leslie USA Painting * G F
Tobrelutz Olga Russia Painting * G F
Toma Yann France Light * G M
Tregharta Marion United-Kingdom Painting * G F
Treister Suzanne United-Kingdom Multimedia * G F
Tuchacek Alexander Switzerland Interaction * G M
Tursic Miha Slovenia Sculpture * GG M
Twin Aphex United-Kingdom Music *** G M
Unemi Tatsuo Japan Art ** GGG M
Ushida Eisaky United-Kingdom Architecture ** GG M
Van_der_Cruijsen Walter Netherlands Art * G M
Vanmechelen Koen Belgium Bio-Art *** G M
Vasconcelos Helder Peru Performance * G M
Vermang Els Belgium Architecture ** G M
Verreault Jean-François France Writing * G M
Verstappen Maria Netherlands Multimedia *** GGGG F
Viola Bill USA Cinema *** G M
Von-der-Kaap Gerald Netherlands Multimedia * G M
Vorn Bill Canada Robotics * G M
Wagenaar Akke Netherlands Web * G F
Walicszky Tamas Hungary Writing * G M
Wall Jeff Canada Interaction * G M
Wands - USA Painting *** G M
Wasow Oliver USA Painting * G M
Weber Pascale France Multimedia * GGG F
Wenger Eric France Painting *** G M
Wilhelm Yvonne Switzerland Web * GGG F
Wilson Robert USA Performance *** G M
Winters Uli Germany Bio-Art ** GGG M
Wisniewski Maciej Sweden Web * G M
Wohlgemuth Eva Austria Web * G F
Woodham Derrick United-Kingdom Sculpture * G M
Woolford Kirk United-Kingdom Dance * G M
Wray Stefan USA Web ** G M
Yamagushi Koichiro Japan Cinema **** GG M
Yokokoji Matsuko Japan Multimedia ** G M
Zervos Komninos Australia Writing * G M
Zwanikken Christiaan Netherlands Robotics * GGG M
Zweig Janet USA Multimedia * GGGG F
Zwiauer Helena Switzerland Dance * G F
472 artists.

Years 1980's

Abel Robert USA Cinema * G M
Acevedo Victor USA Painting *** G M
Adrian Robert Canada Interaction * G M
Agostino Peter-d' USA Interaction * G M
Anderson Laurie USA Performance *** G F
Anglade Jean-Claude France Web * G M
Annunziato Mauro Italy Painting **** GGG M
Ascott Roy USA Multimedia ***** GG M
Audoire Louis France Photography ** G M
Balpe Jean-Pierre France Writing ***** GGG M
Bergeron Philippe France Cinema * G M
Bernard Yves Belgium Multimedia * G M
Bernardot Etienne France Multimedia * GG M
Berriet Emmnuel-Mâa France Interaction ** G M
Berry Benoit France Sculpture ** G M
Bertrand Ennio Italy Interaction * G M
Beyls Peter Belgium Painting ** G M
Billion Philippe France Cinema * G M
Black Doug Canada Web * G M
Boissier Jean-Louis France Interaction **** G M
Boltana François France Calligraphy * G M
Bolter Jay_David USA Writing ** G M
Borenstein Daniel France Cinema *** G M
Boulez Pierre France Music ***** G M
Braun Pierre France Painting * GGG M
Braun Carol-Ann France Painting * GG F
Buren Daniel France Sculpture *** G M
Büaut;bert - Germany Bio-Art ** GGG T
Burson Nancy USA Photography ** G F
Calatrava Santiago Spain Architecture ** GG F
Campbell John United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Caro Marc France Cinema * G M
Carpenter Loren USA Cinema ** GG M
Castellin Philippe France Performance * G M
Cavanagh Annie United-Kingdom Photography ** G F
Chabert Jacques-Elie France Interaction * GG M
Chin Adam USA Cinema * G M
Clarke Kevin USA Bio-Art ** GGG M
Claus Jurgen Germany Sculpture * G M
Cohen Richard USA Cinema * G M
Collin Jacques Canada Theater ** G M
Cook Rob USA Cinema ** GG M
Coudsi Paul France Cinema * G M
Crandall Jordan USA Web * G M
D'Andrea Raffaello Switzerland Robotics ** G M
DeWitt Paul USA Interaction * G M
Dean Max Canada Robotics ** GG M
Demarco Hugo France Sculpture * G M
Denjean Marc France Web * G M
DiFrancesco David USA Cinema * G M
Dickey William USA Writing ** G M
Diosi Ivor Slovakia Interaction * G M
Druais Stéphane France Cinema * G M
Duff Tom USA Cinema * G M
Dutey J. France Interaction * G T
Dyens Georges Canada Light ** G M
Earls Paul USA Light * G M
Ferguson Helaman USA Sculpture * GG M
Fischer Scott USA Interaction ** G M
Fisher Ebon USA Bio-Art * GG M
Fleischmann Monika Germany Cinema * GGG F
Fourny Pierre France Writing * GG M
Fritz Darko Netherlands Web ** G M
Fukumoto Takashi Japan Cinema * G M
Gartel Laurent USA Painting * G M
Gehry Frank Canada Architecture * G M
Gilardi Piero Italy Sculpture * G M
Giros Albert Spain Painting * G M
Glessi Antoni Italy Multimedia ** G M
Glymph Jim USA Architecture * GG M
Grach Alain France Cinema * G M
Gracie Andy United-Kingdom Cinema ** G M
Graumnitz Michael France Cinema ** G M
Grillo Victor France Painting * GGG M
Guzetti Ale Italy Interaction * G M
Halas John Hungary Cinema * G M
Hara Kelichi Japan Cinema ** G M
Hardiker Amendent Germany Writing * G M
Harvey Jonathan United-Kingdom Music * G M
Hill Gary USA Cinema * G M
Hitoshi Nishimura Japan Cinema * G M
Huitric Hervé France Cinema *** G M
Jaffrenou Michel France Multimedia *** G M
Jarolim Tomek France Performance * G M
Jarre Jean-Michel France Music ***** G M
Jeantet Philippe France Painting * G M
Johansen Paul-Frithiof Danemark Light * G M
Joyce Michael USA Writing ** G M
Kabakov Ilya-et-Emilia Russia Interaction * G T
Kawaguchi Yoichiro Japan Sculpture *** GGG M
Kersalé Yann France Light *** G M
Kessler Roland France Cinema * G M
Klinkowstein Tom Netherlands Web * G M
Knotter - France Painting * G M
LWO _ France Painting * GG M
Lacalmontie Jean-François France Painting * GG M
Lachapelle Pierre Canada Cinema * G M
Lacroix Georges France Cinema ** G M
Lasseter John USA Cinema ***** G M
Latham William United-Kingdom Bio-Art ***** GGG M
Le_Boucher Alain France Sculpture * G M
Lesbros Vincent France Music * G M
Leuk Michel Canada Cinema ** G M
Leymarie Frédéric-Fol United-Kingdom Multimedia ** GGG M
Lohse Paul Switzerland Painting ** GG M
Longson Tony United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Lorrain Denis Canada Music * G M
Maeda John USA Art **** GG M
Maillard Claude France Writing * G M
Makkuni Ranjit USA Multimedia ** GG M
Malloy Judy USA Web * G F
Malone Larry USA Cinema * G M
Malgagliati Sergio Italy Music * GG M
Mantz Gehrard Germany Painting * G M
Martin André France Cinema * G M
Matta Roberto Chile Painting ** G M
Maurer Ingo Germany Light ** G M
Mecarelli Adalberto Italy Light * G M
Minimalclub - Germany Bio-Art ** GGG T
Monnier Richard France Sculpture * G M
Moreau Antoine France Writing ** GGG M
Morellet François France Light *** G M
Moullet Patrick France Music * G M
Muntadas Antonio Spain Performance * G M
Nahas Monique France Cinema ** GG F
Naleppa Götz Germany Music * G M
Neill Ben USA VJ * G M
Nelson Max USA Interaction * G M
Nemo - Spain Objects ** G T
Nessim Barbara USA Painting * G F
Orlan - France Performance ** G F
Papp Tibor France Painting * G M
Perez-Florez Dario Italy Painting * G F
Pickering John United-Kingdom Sculpture * G M
Polieri Jacques France Theater * G M
Porett Thomas USA Photography * G M
Porter Tom USA Cinema * G M
Portman John USA Architecture ** GG M
Portway Joshua United-Kingdom Games * GG M
Prigent Jean-Fran�ois France Performance * G M
Quéau Philippe France Cinema *** G M
Redolfi Michel France Multimedia ** G M
Reeves Bill USA Cinema ** GG M
Reeves Daniel USA Sculpture * G M
Renato - France Cinema ** G M
Richardson Ana USA Writing * G F
Robidou Pierre Canada Cinema * G M
Rokeby David Canada Interaction *** G M
Rooke Steven USA Multimedia ** GGG M
Rybczinski Zbignew Poland Cinema * G M
Sasso Mario Italy Video * G M
Savarin Jean-Luc France Cinema * G M
Scha Remko Netherlands Music * G M
Shaw Jeffrey Australia Multimedia ** G M
Sheang Shu-Leah Taiwan Web * G F
Smith Alvy_Ray USA Cinema * G M
Smith Brian_Reffin United-Kingdom Painting * GG M
Tekno-mind - France Robotics ** G M
Terracol Pascal France Cinema ** G M
Thalmann N.M. Switzerland Interaction **** GGG F
This Hervé France Cooking * GG M
Thorp Jer United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Torregrosa Jean France Performance * G M
Tozzi Tommaso Italy Video * GG M
Tramus Marie-Hélène France Interaction ** G F
Truckenbrod Joan USA Painting * G F
Turrell James USA Light * G M
UNStudio - Netherlands Architecture ** G T
Ursyn Anna USA Painting ** G F
Vaggione Horacio Argentina Music * G M
Verjux Michel France Light * G M
Verostko Roman USA Painting *** GGG M
Viennot Eric France Games ** G M
Voisin Fred France Music * G M
Warhol Andy USA Painting * G M
Waters Keith USA Cinema * G M
Weinbren Grahame USA Interaction ** G M
Weschler Robert Germany Dance * G M
White Norman USA Web * GG M
Wilson Mark USA Painting * G M
Wodicsko Krysztof Poland Performance * G M
M Robert-Adrian Canada Web * G M
Yalter Nil France Cinema * G M
Yvaral Jean-Pierre France Multimedia *** GG M
Zingoni Andrea Italy Multimedia * GG F
185 artists.

Years 1970's

Abe Shuya Japan Video * GGG M
Adrian Marc Austria Painting * G M
Anceschi Giovanni Italy Light * G M
André Carl USA Sculpture ** G M
Arambilet-Alvarez Angel-Luis Dominica Writing * G M
Art-Zoïd - Belgium Multimedia *** G M
Bangert Colette USA Painting ** GG F
Bartnig Horst Germany Painting * GG M
Basset Klaus Germany Painting * G M
Bear Lisa USA Web * GG F
Beckman Ericka USA Cinema ** GG F
Bevis Jean-H USA Painting ** G M
Birgé Jean-Jacques France Music ** G M
Boal Augusto Brazil Performance ** G M
Body Gabor Hungary Cinema * GG T
Bootz Philip France Writing * GGG M
Böttager Frank Germany Painting * G M
Boulogne Daniel France Art ** G M
Bowen Robert USA Photography * G M
Bruyn Dirk_de Australia Cinema * GG M
De-Cambiaire Christian France Painting * GG M
Chadabe Joel USA Music ** G M
Chowning John USA Music * G M
Cohen Harold USA Painting **** GGG M
Colonna Jean-François France Painting ** G M
Couch Alva USA Music * G M
Cross-Lovell - USA Performance * G M
Cruxent Jose-Maria Venezuela Cinema ** G M
Cuba Larry USA Cinema ** G T
Demiaux Bernard France Interaction * G M
Dodge Charles USA Music ** G M
Em David USA Painting * G M
Emshwiller Ed USA Cinema * G M
Felguerez Manuel Mexico Painting * GG M
Foldes Peter United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Forest Fred France Web ***** G M
Foresta Don France Web *** G M
Fritchie Charles United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Galloway Kit USA Dance * GG M
Garcia-Rossi - France Light * G M
Ghent Emmanuel Canada Music ** G M
Ginsburg Carlos Argentina Painting ** GG M
Giorgini Also Italy Painting * G M
Gorgé Francis France Music * G M
Hall David United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Hébert Jean-Pierre USA Painting *** GGG M
Hodgkin Carter USA Painting * G M
Horwith Channa USA Painting * GG F
Ihnatowics Edward Poland Robotics * GG M
Johanesson Charlotte Sweden Fabrics * G F
Johanesson Sture Sweden Painting * G M
Jones Kerry USA Painting * G M
Karavan Dani Israel Light ** G M
Kawano Hiroshi Japan Objects * G M
Keane Glen USA Cinema ** G M
Keane Tina United-Kingdom Performance * GG F
Knowles Chris Australia Cinema ** GG M
Knowlton Kenneth USA Cinema * G M
Kowalski Piotr Poland Interaction * G M
Lansky Paul USA Music * G M
Laske Otto USA Music * GG M
Layzer Arthur USA Cinema * G M
Leavitt Ruth USA Painting ** G F
Lebel Jean-Jacques France Writing * G M
Loeffler Carl USA Web * G M
Manoury Philippe France Music ** G M
Mari Enzo Italy Objects ** G M
Martin Tony United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Max Nelson USA Cinema * G M
Mezei Leslie Canada Painting * G M
Moore Richard USA Music * G M
Morrill Dexter USA Music * GG M
Murail Tristan France Music * G M
Nelson Gary USA Music * G M
Nelson Ted USA Writing **** G M
Newell Martin USA Sculpture ** G M
Olive Joseph USA Music * G M
Ory Solveig_de France Interaction * GG F
Palumbo Jacques Canada Painting * GG M
Palyka Duane United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Pauline Mark USA Performance ** G M
Perec Georges France Theater * GG M
Pink-FLoyd - United-Kingdom Music ***** G M
Plessi Fabrizio Italy Video * G M
Polansky Larry USA Music * G M
Prospekt - Netherlands Performance * GGGG T
Rabinowitz Sherrie USA Dance ** GG F
Radigue Eliane France Music ** GG F
Randall James USA Music * GG M
Ray Thomas USA Painting ** GGG M
Reich Steve USA Music ** GG M
Reuter Hans-Peter Germany Painting ** G M
Risset Jean-Claude France Music ** G M
Roads Curtis USA Music * G M
Rogers John USA Music * G M
Rosen Avi Israel Multimedia **** G M
Rovère Pierre France Cinema * G M
Roy Jon USA Cinema * G M
Sasaki Mutsuko Japan Painting * G M
Sasson Mayer Mexico Painting * G M
Scheffer Nicolas France Web ** GG M
Schneeberger Reiner Germany Painting * G M
Schoeffer Nicolas France Sculpture *** G M
Schwartz Lillian USA Cinema * GG F
Seawright James USA Robotics ** G M
Sédano Jean-Robert France Interaction * G M
Sharp Willoughby USA Web ** G M
Shaw Wade United-Kingdom Photography * G M
Signer Roman Switzerland Sculpture * G M
Slayton Joel USA Interaction * G M
Smith Leland USA Music * G M
Smoliar Stephen USA Music * G M
Spiegel Laurie USA Music * G F
Spielberg Stephen USA Cinema * G M
St_Arnaud Raymond USA Photography * GG M
Stein Joël France Painting * G M
Stelarc - Australia Performance *** G M
Sutcliffe Alan United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Taylor Robert USA Music * GG M
Un-drame-musical-instantané - France Music ** G M
Vasulka Steina Czech-Republic Cinema * G F
Ver_Hague James USA Painting * G M
Vercoe Barry USA Music * GG M
Vilder Georg Germany Painting * G M
Vilder Roger Canada Video * GGG M
Vitet Bernard France Music * G M
Vitkine Alexandre France Sculpture * G M
Wallraff Dean USA Music * G M
Whitney John_Jr USA Painting * GG M
Yoshiyuki Abe Japan Painting * G M
Zajac Edward-E USA Cinema * G M
Zajec Edward Italy Cinema * G M
Zanesi Christian France Music ** G M
133 artists.

Years 1960's

Agam Yaacov Israel Sculpture **** G M
Alexanco Jose Spain Sculpture * G M
Allner Walter_Heinz Germany Painting * G M
Alviani Getulio Italy Light * G M
BMPT - France Sculpture *** G M
Balestrini Nanni Italy Writing * GGG F
Balla Peter Hungary Architecture * G M
Barbadillo Manuel Spain Painting *** G M
Barbaud Pierre France Music **** GG M
Baudot Jean-A Canada Writing * G M
Baumer Wolfgang Germany Painting * G M
Bayrle Thomas Germany Painting * G M
The-Beatles - United-Kingdom Music *** G M
Beckman Otto Austria Painting ** G M
Beyer Robert Germany Music * G M
Bochnert Mel USA Photography * G T
Bonacic Vladimir Croatia Light * G M
Boriani Davide Italy Sculpture * G T
Brün Herbert USA Music * G M
Cage John USA Music **** G M
Cantrill Arthur Australia Cinema * G M
Cantrill Corinne Australia Cinema * GG F
Colombo Gianni Italy Sculpture * G M
Coop_Himmelb(lau) - Austria Architecture ** GG T
Coqart Roger Belgium Painting * G M
Cordeiro Analivia Brazil Painting * G F
Cordeiro Waldemar Brazil Painting * G M
Cornock Stroud United-Kingdom Sculpture * G M
Couchot Edmond France Painting ***** GG M
Dias-Pino Wlademir Brazil Writing * G M
Edmonds Ernest USA Painting * G M
Eimer Herbert Germany Music * G M
Estapa Jaume United-Kingdom Photography * G M
Ferretti Ercolino USA Music * G M
Franke Herbert USA Painting **** G M
Fujino Koji Japan Painting * G M
Gardinet Jeremy United-Kingdom Painting ** G M
Grossi Pietro Italy Music * GG M
Halet Pierre France Music * G M
Harmon Leon USA Photography * G M
Henry Pierre France Music *** G M
Herbin Auguste France Painting ** G M
Howe Hubert USA Music * GG M
Isozaki Arata Japan Architecture *** G M
Kayat Guy France Theater * GG M
Kazikaki Junichiro Japan Painting * G M
Klüver Billy USA Multimedia * G M
Komura Masao Japan Painting * G M
Krueger Myron USA Interaction **** GGG M
Kubrick Stanley USA Cinema **** G M
Lansdown John USA Architecture * G M
Le_Brice Malcom USA Theater ** GGGG M
Leitner Berhnard Austria Music * G M
Lewitt Sol USA Sculpture *** G M
Ligeti Gyorgy Austria Music ***** GG M
Lovejoy Margot USA Light ** GG F
Marker Chris France Cinema **** G M
Marquette Jean-Claude France Painting * G M
Masterman Margaret USA Interaction ** GGGG F
Milojevic Petar Kosovo Painting * G M
Mohr Manfred Germany Painting **** GG M
Molnar Vera France Painting **** GG F
Nake Frieder Germany Painting ** G M
Nees Georg Germany Painting ** G M
Nishimura Masashi Japan Painting * G M
Niwa Fujio Japan Painting * G M
Noll Michaël USA Cinema ** G M
Ohtake Makoto Japan Painting * G M
Opalka Roman Poland Painting *** G M
Pritchett Tony United-Kingdom Cinema * G M
Rauschenberg Robert USA Photography **** G M
Riley Tony USA Music *** G M
Rosenberg Jim USA Writing ** G M
Rossi Horacio-Garcia Argentina Painting * G M
Schaeffer Pierre France Music **** G M
Smithson Robert USA Sculpture ** G M
Snow Michael Canada Cinema ** GG M
Sobrino Francisco Argentina Painting * G M
Stickel Gerhard Germany Writing *** GGGG M
Strand Kerry USA Painting * GG M
Strang Gerald USA Music * G M
Summer Lloyd USA Painting * G M
Sykora Zdenec Czech-Republic Painting * G M
Talman Paul Switzerland Painting * G M
Tsuchiya Haruki Japan Painting * G M
Usami Keiji Japan Light * G M
Vanderbeek Stan USA Cinema * G M
Varisco Grazia Italy Sculpture * G F
Vecchi Gabriele_de Italy Sculpture * G M
Weisenbaum Joseph USA Writing ***** GGG M
Whitney John_Sr USA Painting *** GG M
Xenakis Iannis France Music ***** GG M
Yamanaka Kunio Japan Painting * G M
Zaffiri Enore Italy Music ** G M
94 artists.

Years 1950's

Babbitt Milton USA Music ** G M
Barron Bebe USA Music ** G F
Barron Louis USA Music ** G M
Bense Max Germany Writing *** GG M
Berio Luciano Italy Music * GG M
Biasi Alberto Italy Sculpture * G M
Burroughs William USA Writing **** GG M
Bury Paul Belgium Sculpture *** G M
Bush Vannevar USA Computers **** G M
Calos Nino Italy Light * G M
Candela Felix Mexico Architecture ** GG M
Chiggio Ennio Italy Sculpture * G M
Costa Toni Italy Sculpture * G M
Disney Walt USA Cinema ***** G M
Ducrocq Albert France Writing * GGG M
Dufau Pierre France Architecture ** GG M
Enkel Fritz Germany Music * G M
Flavin Dan USA Painting *** G M
Fuller Buckminster USA Architecture ** GG M
Guttman Newman USA Music * G M
Gysin Brion USA Writing ** G M
Haacke Hans Germany Writing * GG M
Henry Desmond-Paul United-Kingdom Painting * G M
Hertlein Grace USA Painting * G F
Hiller Lejaren USA Music * GG M
Isaacson Léonard USA Music * G M
Judd Donald USA Sculpture * G M
Kaprow Allan USA Interaction *** G M
Klein Yves France Painting **** G M
Koenig Gottfried-Michael USA Music * GG M
Kokyokyokuo Nehan Japan Music * G M
Landi Eduardo Italy Sculpture * G M
Le-Parc Julio France Multimedia **** G M
Macentyre Eduardo Argentina Painting *** GGG M
Mack Heinz Germany Sculpture ** GG M
Malina Frank USA Light *** G M
Massironi Manfredo Italy Sculpture * G M
Mathews Max USA Music * G M
McLaren Norman Canada Cinema * G M
Metzger Gustav United-Kingdom Multimedia * G M
Monk Thelonius USA Music **** G M
Nobo Luigi Italy Music ** G M
Oupeinpo - France Painting ** GGGG T
Paik Nam-Jun Korea Sculpture ***** GG M
Pärt Arvo Estonia Music **** G M
Pierce John USA Music * G M
Pollock Jackson USA Painting ***** G M
Pousseur Henri Belgium Music * G M
Saint-Phalle Nikki Switzerland Sculpture **** G F
Soto Jesus-Rafael Venezuela Sculpture ** G M
Stockhausen Karl-Heinz Germany Music **** G M
Strachey Christopher United-Kingdom Writing ** GGG M
Tenney James USA Music * G M
Thompson John_Lee United-Kingdom Cinema ** G M
Tinguely Jean Switzerland Sculpture ***** G M
Ussachevsky Vladimir USA Music * G M
Vardanega Gregorio Argentina Light * GG M
Varese Edgar France Music **** G M
Vasarely - France Painting ***** G M
Vidal Miguel-Angel Venezuela Cinema ** GGG M
Wright Frank_Lloyd USA Architecture ** GG M
61 artists.

Years 1940's

Kelly Ellsworth USA Painting * G M
Kosice Gyula Argentina Light * G M
Laposky Ben USA Cinema ** GG M
Messiaen Olivier France Music ***** G M
Nancarrow Conlon USA Music *** GG M
5 artists.

Years 1930's

Albers Joseph Germany Painting **** G M
Boccioni Umberto Italy Painting *** G M
Breton André France Writing ***** G M
Hirschfeld-Mack Ludwig Germany Light * G M
Honegger Arthur Switzerland Music *** G M
Kandinsky Wassily Russia Painting *** G M
Klee Paul Switzerland Painting **** G M
Laban Rudolf Hungary Dance ** G M
Le-Corbusier - France Architecture ***** G M
Milhaud Darius France Music **** G M
Moholy-Nagy Lazlo Hungary Sculpture **** GG M
Mondrian Piet Netherlands Painting ***** G M
Munari Bruno Italy Painting ** G M
Oulipo - France Writing **** GGGG T
Schillinger Joseph United-Kingdom Art * G M
Valensi Henry France Music * G M
Van-Tongerloo - Belgium Painting *** GG M
17 artists.

Years 1920's

Baranoff-Rossiné Wladimir Russia Cinema *** GG M
Berg Alan Austria Music **** G M
Craig Edward United-Kingdom Light * G M
Duchamp Marcel France Objects ***** G M
Eisenstein Serghei-Mikhaïlovitch Russia Cinema ***** G M
Fishinger Oscar USA Cinema ** G M
Gabo Naum Russia Sculpture **** G M
Haussmann Raoul France Light * G M
Jolivet André: France Music ** G M
Léger Fernand France Painting ***** G M
Malevich Kazimir Russia Bio-Art ** GGG M
Meyerhold Vsevolod Russia Performance * G M
Ray Man France Photography **** G M
Seurat - France Painting ***** G M
Survage Leopold France Cinema ** G M
15 artists.

Years 1910's

Gris Juan Spain Painting **** G M

Years 1900's

Bishop Bainbridge USA Light ** G M
Boronali - France Painting *** GG T
Cahill Thaddeus USA Music * G M
Cohl Emile France Cinema *** G M
Picasso Pablo Spain Painting ***** G M
Scriabine - France Music *** G M
6 artists.

Years 1890's

Hodler Ferdinand Switzerland Painting *** G M
Schoenberg Arnold Austria Music **** G M

Years 1880's

Appia Adolphe Switzerland Light **** G M
Gaudi Antoni Spain Architecture *** G M

Years 1870's

Wagner Richard Germany Music ***** G M

Years 1860's

Clinton J. United-Kingdom Dance * GG M

Years 1800's

Jacquart - France Objects *** G M
Joyce James United-Kingdom Writing **** G M
Willeme François France Sculpture * GG M
Winkel Diederich Netherlands Music * GG M
Zelda - Switzerland Painting * G M
5 artists.

Years 1700's

Castel Louis-Bertrand France Light ** G M
Jaquet-Droz - Switzerland Robotics **** G M
Mozart Wolfgang-Amadeus Austria Music ***** G M
Vaucanson - France Robotics ***** G M
4 artists.

Years 1600's

Bracelli Gianbattista Italy Painting * G M

Years 1500's

Vinci Leonardo-da Italy Painting ***** G M

Years 1400's

Alberti - Italy Painting **** G M
Dufay Guillaume Italy Music * G M
Dürer Abrecht Germany Painting **** GG M
Fontana Giovanni Italy Cinema * G M
Meschinot Jean France Writing * GG M
6 artists.

Years 1200's

Villard de_Honnecourt France Architecture * G M

Years 1000's

Arezzo Guido_d' Italy Music * G M


Apelles - Greece Painting *** G M
Pamphile - Greece Painting * G M
Pythagoras - Greece Art ** G M
Vitruvius Marcus Italy Architecture *** G M


TOTAL : 2665 artists.


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