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- What for
- Why they are possible
- The drawbacks and dangers
- The general ways
- Different domains
- Conclusions and trends

Why take or make shortcuts

The explosion of the "big data" makes more necessary than ever to reduce excessive masses and flows to manageable and efficient quantities of data. The problem is not new, and has been felt at least since the end of the 19th century in scienfific areas.

Reduction is necessary also for action. Any decision ends finally into a binary choice. And we can get there only through successive reductions, or shortcuts.

The concept is also interesting for itself, and for its relationships with chaos and complexity. Chaos, or random, is where no shortcurt is possible

A right quantity of "shortcut", no more, no less, is an element of beauty and artistic pleasure.

The aim may be to get back the original, or the essential. Typically, a music record.

Why are shortcuts possible

There are "objective" and "subjective" reasons (that's disputable).

Objective reasons stem from some kind of order, or redundancy, present in the object itself.
Subjective reasons relate to our aims : what "matters" is only a part of what constitutes the object, what is contained in the library.

A "shortcut" may imply the addition of missing parts : a complete object is more simple than a defective one.

Question : is there a limit to compressibility ? Is it always possible to replace a description by a shortest one ? The extreme limit is one bit, if you all the data or things you have may be organized into two different parts.

Filters, compression, wod, name, nada. And a loss of everything at the zero point.

The drawbacks and dangers

In any case, there is a cost. The instrument. The loss of immediatety with the object. The necessity of some tool to reconstitute.

Frequently, there are losses.

The general ways

To clean. Descartes : make a clean sweep. Suppress redundancy and noise.
To secure : threats, insecurityn disinormation oblige to protect.

To order, classify, sort. According to a system of classes (genuses, species).
To normalize, standardize, conform to a canon (as a proportion).
Select : by relation to a threshold, a fitness criterion, a canon (of books and documents). Sampling. is a kind of shortcult. See Deleuze on cinema.
To filter

To make a representation :
- textual : describe by a language. Using the capacity of terms (nouns, verbs... etc.)
- graphic graphically: a painting or photography for a rea landscape. 2D for 3D replace an image by a description ; using notably pattern recognition.
- a 3D model, possibly mobile ; a gesture
Integrity, completeness

Graphics (and any file) : compression
Reduction to a scheme. L

To program. It is a sort of desciption.

To "compress" (algorithmically)

Fragmentation/assembly. Maybe material or logical. Digitization.

Different domains

- Logics, epistemology, linguistics.

-Text. Literay. Mathematical ("algebra". Programs.
For algebra, simplification of a form, an equation. In the case of an equation, the result seems reached when the unknwown is alone on the left side, and its value on the right side

- Representations in general : analog vs. digital. The analo gives the impression to lose nothing.

- Geometrical : projection on a space with less dimensions. Reduction to a schema

- Management, information systems, control : dashboard, EIS. See Ponthiere

- Physics : Mendeleviev table, Atomic model.
Fist level of physical laws : optics, thermodynamics (Mariotte's law)

- Biology : species (and hierarchies), models, DNA

- Psychology, self management : retirement, monachic life, eremitism, meditation. Close ones eyes. Silence.

Biology : species (and hierarchies), models, DNA

Social law . The Law and contracts. . The decision (which reduces finally into one bit)
Close the space : "le pré carré", walls, room

Conclusions and trends

With time coming, shortcuts will be both more general and more powerful.

Wih time, we acquire more representation means, then we can have more and better shortcuts.



Shortcuts and programming

1. Name of the program, function, object. recurrence/recursion. Automaton, computer, robot

2. Electricity. Shortcut letal efects. Complete with precautions. Disjunctor.

The blind shortcuts. Caritas prior ad proximos. Blinkers. Fundamentalism.

Acceleration, jsute a time form of growing complexity.

For a a given object or situation, there are many possible shortcuts.

- Faust's contract
-Military drill. I want to see one only head. Violence. Love


Generative art as a shortct. since decompression from principles, models, names $ in Roxame

An animal is a shortcul. A carnivorous uses ruminants as shortcuts to basic alimetns. And the ruminant uses vegetals.

Session. During some time, all the participants cut the channels
Attention window.

Attention structure.
- temporal, awakening/ falling asleep
- spatial : direct-sensorial / indirect-medias
- conceptual semanttic
Ability ti accept dissonance

For the author, the spectator
How th author sees the spectators
1. Directly during stage performances. A kind of panel in the recording studio
2. Global experiences, meeting with other professionals
3. Metadata back to the author. Different levels of authors.

Shortcut author-spectator.


A shortcut makes sense with decision

zooming in/out
decision individuel/collecive
le lieu de retraite, le poèle, nest, thermostated, "info"stated
the flow of new ideas

Shtorcut to oneself. How to use it.

Shortcut requires :
- re amp, after
- storage of forms, mdes

In a kind of assimilation, integration maybe, in the S. Memory Structures

Ambiguity of the term
- reduces : synthesis as integration of several inputs, data,
- aubmetns combines, in the output.

- Filtering, ranking + thresholding
- Compression/ with or without loss/Smaller size image
- Abbreviation. Symbol.
- Image : contours, BW, caricature, sketch
- Measure (Kelvin)
- Framing (phograph)
- Abstraction
- Synthesis
- Matériel shrotcults : build roads, pierce holes, place a mirror
- Ineffective shortcuts : Naval battle
- Impossible shorcuts : chaos
- Identiiation, description

Shortcut from a machine standpoint
- if just a on/off button
- Interface "Windows", GUI
- cams and other sensors , autofocus, etcv.

Problem : not to lose anything material. Not to lose the représdntation. Redundancy.

Reduction of inputs : meditation, concentrationn focussing

used for shortcut : name (file, species, individual obect, feature), text, story, data in general, image (symbol), film, representation (photo ?), model mor or less math, statistics, any representation as less "material" (some exceptions, amplifying). DNA
- Fragmentation


Shorcut as well as generation require from the system
- memory, language, data, images
language : substantives, adjectives, verbs
- processors for recognition, use the dictionary, genrate
- learning. Schmidhuber
- Evocation = meaning
- Story telling, generative art
( -random, external textures
- Assembly
- Itrration loops. Recursion

Search methodically for inversion of functions
- filtering : no way
- ranking : no pb as long as no thresholding
( commpression : possible loss

Beyond shotcur re-presentation
dialogue, as such
The decision, interactive process


Why to make shortcuts
- to face the big data, undersant, remember
- to decide
- to create
- to reproduce


No shortcuts (Rudy Rucker)
numbers : integer, rational, real, transcendent
language effets. ero rurem .
à demi mot


- les régularités accidentelles, séduction pour le peintr
- régularités exgternes rechercheés : le lampadaire au dessus de la tour Nobel

- le construit (à déconstruire), pour trouver les "vraies" régularités
- les coïncidences

Merci du pointeur que tu m'as donné sur la conférence de Bregg Bladen.  

1. Je suis très méfiant vis à vis de ce genre de choses. Entre le Lourdes de mon enfance et les discours des méditants que j'ai rencontré plus tard.... (je connais aussi des scientologues, mais leur approche est assez différente, bien qu'assez éloignée de mon ascèse rationaliste),  j'ai plein de bonnes raisons pour me méfier. Fric et fermeture. Surtout quand on prend des grands airs de prophète comme Braden, et le vocabulaire inusable mais rentable des vendeurs de mystères ("The divine matrix" !!!).  

2. Il y a certainement quelque chose de vrai là-dedans. Et donc d'important étant donné les enjeux (ne serait-ce que pour soigner le cancers, mais ce n'est sans doute pas le plus important).  

3. Dans la mesure où c'est vrai, c'est en même temps dangereux. Un peu comme d'aller bricoler le système d'exploitation de son ordinateur (c'était chose pensable dans les annes 1980). Les résultats peuvent être admirables, mais catastrophiques aussi. Le simple fait de soigner en se persuadant que l'on est déjà guéri comporte tous les dangers d'un mensonge. En quelque sorte, on amorce une boucle positive (récursion) avec pas mal de chances de déclancher des sorte d'effets Larsen.  

4. Il y a beaucoup de dangers aussi dans les orientations actuelles de l'informatique. Je l'exprime à la fin du papier que je viens de mettre en ligne Par ailleurs, sur le mode du roman, le livre Robopocalype de Daniel Wilson, qui vient de paraître chez Doubleday (uniquement en anglais actuellement je crois) est assez suggestif, dans les limites du genre évidemment.  

Conclusions personnelles et provisoires :  

- A condition d'être honnète et prudent, toutes les recherches sont utiles. Surtout ne pas rester seul, et garder la tête froide (c'est un peu contradictoire avec l'auto-suggestion, évidemment).
- Personnellement, je vais continuer à explorer essentiellemenr les arts numériques. Il y a beaucoup à faire. Ici aussi, à condition d'être honnète, et ce n'est pas pour rien que mon diccan est "critique".   - Un de mes frères est très intéressé (et compétent autant que j'aie pu voir) sur le genre de recherches qui t'intéressent, je lui mets donc mon message en copie. J'ai confiance en toi pour ne pas abuser de son email.   Pierre

- Il y a qqch de Heisenberg là-dedans. Le miracle disparâit si on le regarde de trop près, si on le soumet à des méthodes statistiques.
- Cett espèce de conviction qui soigne. Comprendre par les neurosciences
- Homéopathie, réflexothérapie, guérisseur à distance.

To rely on a person. "I am a papist" (my mother)

Unity, unification as shortcut.
HW as God, unifier
For the greatest glory of H. add to Wikipedia, correct it
The sin :
- disifnrormation
- redundancy,
- useless loops
To resit, cooperate with TH, be really, deeply humans, partly as non TH
Concentrate on the humain, What is really important. What would I give my life for.

- in the world / structure, monarhy, panopticon, cardo/decumanus Vs. stat
- in the mind (and personal life)

The shortcut as the radix of tree

Shortcut, analogy with camera : you have a given number of pixels(bits). Then you can take a short lens, and have the whole world, but wih simplification. Or you take a long lenght, and you have more precise view, but only on a small part of the world.
You can use different lenses at different times. But that is just a 4th dimension on the same pb
Any way, a 2D view is alreadu a shortcut on 3D and of cours 3D+time

Shortcutting is creative.