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Liquitex is the only one varnish we know to give good results on inkjet prints on paper.

Value. Varia.
- In interaction design see [Janet Murray].

Vanishing Point. [Kemp].


Varnish. The only one varnish efficient for inkjet prints is Liquitex. It does not solve the ink. Once a layer laid, the paper sheet is waterproof. (Rather expensive).

The wreck of the Dumaru, video art by Jennifer Steinkamp on the Chelsea gallery website.

Vector, vectorial. [Agoston], [Foley], [Gonzalez], [Processing], [Photoshop].
- Breaking the pixel barrier. by Tobias Isenberg, M. Sheelag T. Carpendale and Mario Costa Sousa. Communication at Computational Aesthetics 2005.

- [Processing].
- In synthetic music, speed of key push on and off. See for instance Cubase, by Thierry Demougin et Eric Chautrand, Campus Press 2002).

Verbal. See speech.

Verse. See poetry.

VFX. See Visual Effects.

Vibrato. A kind of texture in music. Frequently used with violin. In organs, some kind of vibrato is simulated as "human voice", playing on slightly difference of tuning on two registers. A primitive form of "synthesis".

Video., and video art. See notice.
- Video mapping. See mapping.

View, viewpoint (vue). [Kemp], [Foley].

Viral art, virus. Art using algorithms inspired by viruses, for example "eating" a work.
- Video of Viral Venture event, by Joseph Nechvatal (February 2011).

Laval Virtual, an annual summit of virtual reality.

Virtual, virtual reality. . See immersion.
- AR stands for Augmented raeality. VR for virtuality.

- AR, VR and Art : an historical perspective, keynote by Pierre Berger at Laval Virtual 2015.
- Virtual worlds definition by IEEE. (Australian center of virtual arts).
- In interaction design see [Janet Murray].
- Manifesto of virtual arts (by the ACVA),
- Virtual spaces modeling Some links?
- Handbook of virtual humans. Edited by N.Magnenat-Thalmann and F.D. Thalmann. Wiley 2004. SH No 44 (biblio).
- Town design and virtual reality e SH No 43 (concepts). Create European project.
- Réseaux pédagogiques et communautés virtuelles. De nouvelles perspectives pour les enseignants. by Michal Kalogiannakis. L'Harmattan 2004. SH No 38.
- Virtual and fundamentalism SH No 36 (concepts).
- Virtual museum, in Nouvelles de l'Icom SH No 25 (concepts).
- L'art à l'époque du virtuel. by Christine Buci-Glucksmann. SH No 09 (concepts).
- Virtual stories on the Internet AH No 121 (enseignement)?
- Traverses 44.45: Machines virtuelles. Revue Traverses, Sept. 1988 Centre Georges Pompidou.
- The annual meeting : Laval  Virtual Trailer pour 2011.
- Story telling and virtual reality, see Subsol.
- Just for fun Painting on a road.

Virtual Reality.

- VR future is software. Notes at a Paris-ACM-Siggraph meeting.
- Some info in Digital Storytelling. A creator's guide to interacdtive entertainment. [Miller, 2014].
< Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Systems and Applications by Randall Shumaker. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 8022. Springer 2013.
< Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality. Designing and Developing Augmented and Virtual Environments by Randall Shumaker. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 8021. Springer 2013.
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< Virtual and Mixed Reality - New Trends by Randall Shumaker. LNCS (Lecture notes on computer sciences) Volume 6773. Springer, c. 2010.
< Théâtre et réalité virtuelle. Une introduction à la démarche de Mark Reaney. 21 pages (plus photos) by Franck Bauchard, in [Picon-Vallin].
< Méditations sur le réel et le virtuel, by Denis Berthier. L'Harmattan 2004 SH No 27 (concepts).
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. L'effet Nintendo. Une enquête métaphysique sur la réalité virtuelle. by Jean-Claude Dussault. Montréal, l'Hexagone, 1997.

Is VR cutting us from the "normal" world (Here an image for a Laval Virtual contest.

. Les interfaces de la réalité virtuelle. by Philippe Fuchs. Montpellier symposium, 1996. Published by Société Le corum.
. A l'image de l'homme. Du Golem aux créatures virtuelles. by Philippe Breton. Le Seuil 1995.
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"We must make a distincion between Cave and headset. They seem to be used in art with different aims. The Cave (and similar environmnsts) is used to represent virtual spaces (like Space, a user's manual, by Jeffrey Shaw), when the workds using headets are more directed to abstraction (like Arena byUlrike Gabriel). Would there here be a dichotomy between a perspectivist external space and an abstract internal universe ?", says Codognet.

- augmented
- Video of a round table organized by TechTocTV in 2009.
- on 'Olympia site AH No 84 (concepts).
- mixt:
. /< (A+H).

- Visceral mobile music systems. by Atau Tanaka. 15 pages in [Adams].

Face detection with the open-source library Open CV

Vision. See OpenCV, perception, glasses.

< Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics - Theory and Applications by Sebastiano Battiato , Sabine Coquillart , Julien Pettré , Robert S. Laramee , Andreas Kerren , José Braz . Communications in Computer and Information Science . Volume 550. Sprnger 2016.

< Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Applications by Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano , Edwin Hancock. Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Volume 8827. Springer 2014
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< Computer Vision – ACCV 2010 Workshops by Reinhard Koch, Fay Huang. LNCS (Lecture notes on computer sciences) Volume 6469. Springer, c. 2010.
< Seeing. by John Frisby and James Stone. MIT Press 2010 (2d édition).
- One of the topics dealt with by [Bres].
- Recent research at MIT (notably on peripheral vision) 1/2011.
- See Kinect in proper nouns).
- Theory and programming [Kemp], [Breazeal], [Foley], [Siarry], [Gazzaniga], [Open CV].
For historical reference:
- Interview of Frédéric Truchetet AH No 109.
< ICVS 2002 Proceedings AH No 107 (concepts).
< Vision stéréoscopique et perception multisensorielle. by Nicolas Ayache. Interéditions 1989.
< Visual processing. Computational, psychophysical and cognitive research. by Roger Watt. LEA. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. Hove and London UK, Hillsdale USA. 1988.
< Vision. by David Marr. The first edition, 1983, was a breakthrough.

Visual Effects (aka VFX).
- "In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot." (Wikipedia).
- In the context of film and television production, a visual effects supervisor is responsible for achieving the creative aims of the director and/or producers through the use of visual effects. (Wikipedia).

VJing: Laptopsrus at Mappins-VJing festival, Geneva, a VJ solo show by Raquel Meyers.

Visualization, visual. See interaction ,illustration, infography.
- Visualization is the representation of abstract data, in order to enhance its comprehension. It may be interactive, thinks Ivan Viola.
< The functional art. An introduction to information graphics and visualization. by Alberto Cairo.: New Riders, Berkeley (CA) 2013.
- Illustrative visualization. An IEEE tutorial ,192 pages (A4 on two columns), free downloadable (PDF). Authors: Ivan Viola, Meister Eduard Gröller, Markus Hadwiger, Katja Bühler, Bernhard Preim, Mario Costa Sousa, David Ebert, Don Stredney.
- Advances in Visual Computing by George Bebis, Richard Boyle, Bahram Parvin, Darko Koracin, Charless Fowlkes, Sen Wang, Min-Hyung Choi, Stephan Mantler, Jürgen Schulze, Daniel Acevedo, Klaus Mueller, Michael Papka. LNCS Volume 7431 and 7432. Springer 2012.
- Design principles for visual communication. by Manesth Agrawala, Wilmot Li and Floraine Berthouzoz. Communications of the ACM. April 2011.
- Smart visibility in visualization. by I. Viola and M.E. Gröller. Computational Aesthetics symposium, 2005. Available to subscribers of ACM on line library. " One approach is importance-driven feature enhancement, where the visibility of a particular feature is determined according to assigned importance information." - Recherche d'information par le contenu visuel. Special issue of RSTI. Technique et science informatique. 9/2003. Nozha Boujemaa Frédéric Jurie eds. Hermès/Lavoisier 2004.

VJ, VJing. Vidéo-jockey. See notice.

Vocal, voice. See speech.

Volume, volumetric
- [Agoston].
. for textures [Ebert].
- rendering by isosurfaces, see a communication by Markus Hadwiger (18 pages ) in the IEEE tutorial.

Voronoi diagram of McDonalds restaurants in Paris

Voronoi. Diagramm or transform. Dealt at large by  [Cocquerez].

Vortex. Textures [Ebert].

Voxel 3D Pixel [Foley].

Vowels. See Arthur Rimbaud's verse.

VR See virtual.

VRML. Virtual reality modeling language.
- VRML 2.0 Source book, by Andra Ames, David Nadeau et John Moreland, Wiley and Sons 1997.






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