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synonyms : logic, arithmteic, numeric, coded, formal
antonym : analog, continuous, material

A. A = B + E. See Beings.
AO. ??? Quoted in DU_Complexity.

ABS. Available Bit Space. See Art.

B. The clock plus the constant part of E. See beings, representations
D. Dimension. D1 : one dimension, one dimensional. Quoted in beings for example.

DB. Digital Being. See mainly Beings.

DHI Digital History Index. See History.

DR. Digital Relativivy. See the dedicated chapter.

DU. The Digital Universe. Sometimes a specific digital universe. Supposedly managed by a GOS, General Operating System

The "state" of an automaton in the IEO model.

The function E = e(I,E) in the IEO model. .

G. Generation rate. See Generation

GCom. General Communication system. Hypothetical general communcation system in the global universe.

GG. ???

GOS. General Operating System. The hypothetical management system of the whole DU. Probably as paradoxical as the "set of all sets".

GP. Generative Power. Somehow an inverse of KC. See Art

IEO. Input, state, output. See Beings.

KC. Kolmogorov complexity.

Minimal Bit Space. See Art

N. N, the set of integers.

O. The Output of a being, system or automaton in the IEO (Input, state, output) model.

OO. Object Oriented (programming).

P. The life expectancy of a system. See L .

R. The set of real numbers . See also Representations.

S. System, or being. Generally seen as implementing the IEO model.