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Wearable Computing and art

Work in progress

Applies to any device that you may wear : clothes (see fabrics), and glasses (for virtual or augmented reality).
- One could say that there are different levels of integration of devices with the body : portable, laptop, pocket, wearable, implanted/grafted. Some accompanying objects like drones can be a complement of properly wearable objects.

As soon as we try to describe globally the wearables, we bump into something quite complex. The wearable is a kind of intermediary (partial or more or less total) between the body and the word, then between the mind and the word. We are no longer in "immediate" contact with our environment. Note that, from the brain point of view, that is not so new, since we know through our senses and act through our muscles (mainly).

The global schema

We note the emergence of Ewear (an innovation project by Damart)

Main kinds:
- small objects: glasses, headsets (EEG, VR) , wristwatch, mobile phone, earphones
- clothes, dress.

Main components and functions: sensors, actuators, processors, remote connection.

2017. NC State University publishes a paper on this domain, New Design Improves Performance of Flexible Wearable Electronics.

> Audio Ballerinas (2006 c.), by Benoit Maubrey, Siggraph 2006.







Galerie Charlot An important supporter of digital art.